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The Radio is an item that can be constructed with the Habitat Builder. One is also found in Lifepod 5, but it needs to be fixed with the Repair Tool in order to function.


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Uses & Messages

After repairing the Radio inside Lifepod 5, it will inform the player that it is broadcasting a distress signal:

  • "RADIO: Radio online. Greetings survivor. I am your emergency radio transponder. Broadcasting emergency distress signal."

Afterwards, the player will receive a message from the Aurora:

  • "RADIO: This is Aurora. Distress signal received.
    Divers equipped with seaglide propulsion vehicles will be dispatched to your location in 9...9...9...9...9... hours.
    Continue to monitor for emergency transmissions from other lifepods."

After this message has been answered, the player may receive more messages. Most of these messages are distress signals from other Lifepods, but the player will also receive messages from the Sunbeam in an attempt to get rescued.

Spending a certain amount of time in-game or completing certain tasks will trigger the following messages:


Message Signal Trigger


"RADIO: Playing pre-recorded distress call...
OFFICER KEEN: This is Officer Keen in Lifepod 19! The captain is gone. I have assumed command.
The last thing he did was give me co-ordinates for dry land. We regroup one and a half kilometers south-west of the crash site.
Stay together. Good luck. This message will now repeat.
PDA: Rendezvous co-ordinates corrupted. Transmission origin co-ordinates downloaded."

Lifepod 19 - Second Officer Keen's last broadcast location


"RADIO: Playing pre-recorded distress call...
This is Lifepod 6, I have a passenger onboard. Co-ordinates attached.
We've landed a kilometer from the crash site, but there's radiation inbetween us and the rendezvous. Request immediate assistance. 6 out."

Lifepod 6 - Crew requested assistance surviving radiation


"RADIO: Receiving pre-recorded distress call. Playing back...
This is Lifepod 3, uploading our co-ordinates. We're plugging some holes in our emergency Seaglide, so if we're late for the rendezvous, don't panic.
Also, don't go home without us. Seriously. 3 out."

Lifepod 3 - Crew reported their seaglide damaged

600 sec after answering automated bounceback


"RADIO: High priority automated message from Aurora Lifepod 13. Co-ordinates attached.
Lifepod contains the last known remains of high priority Mongolian passenger. Send immediate burial detail."

Lifepod 13 - Carrying high priority passenger's remains


"RADIO: Playing pre-recorded distress call...
This is Lifepod 7, co-ordinates attached. Pod is structurally sound, but the fabricator's bust.
Requesting immediate assistance. 7, out."

Lifepod 7 - Aurora crewmember requested assistance

  • Spending 10 hours in-game


"RADIO: Playing pre-recorded distress call...
This is Ozzy from the cafeteria, what the hell guys?! They didn't warn us this might happen!
Our pod was almost crushed by the seamoth bay on the way down, now we're hanging on the edge of a cave system and this grim-looking snake-thing's trying to eat through the hull!
Come get us already!"

Lifepod 17 - Crash landed near the seamoth bay, hull giving way

  • Crafting a Seaglide
  • Two hours after answering automated bounceback


"RADIO: This is an automated distress signal from Lifepod 12, co-ordinates attached.
Warning: Lifepod has sunk beyond safe diving distance. Do not attempt retrieval without submersible support."

Lifepod 12 - Sunk beyond 250m


"RADIO: Playing pre-recorded distress call...
CTO YU: This is Lifepod 2, co-ordinates attached! We're way past our safe depth and bleeding O2.
We'll have to swim for the surface, but it's 500 meters straight up.
We'll make for the rendezvous and keep you posted. Yu, out."

Lifepod 2 - CTO Yu sunk 500m before abandoning the pod


"RADIO: This lifepod 4! We've landed close to the Aurora, flotation devices active, but we've got some big old fish in the water with us and I don't know how long we're going to last!
Do not attend without radiation protection."

Lifepod 4 - Radiation suit recommended before attempting rescue/salvage




"This is Avery Quinn, of trading ship Sunbeam. Aurora, do you read? Over.
###3000Still nothing. These Alterra ships. They run out of engine grease, they send an SOS; you offer to help, they don't pick up.
Aurora, I'm out on the far side of the system, it's going to take take more than a week to reach your position, do you still need our assistance? Over.
###1000I'll try them again tomorrow. See what the long-range scans pick up in the meantime.
Damn charter's going to have us wasting our profit margin running errands for Alterra."



"Aurora, this is Sunbeam again. We just picked up a massive debris field at your location.
###2000I didn't know how bad... how many of you... I didn't know.
We are now en route to your location. We're going to bring you home. Sunbeam out.
###1000What else can I say? We're a six-seater and we aren't even slightly equipped to handle this?
Our pilot last attempted a planet landing in the academy simulator?
It's a bad situation, but so are all the alternatives."



"Sunbeam, broadcasting to all survivors of the Aurora. We've covered more than half the distance, so hold on in there.
We're scanning the planet for dry land as we speak.
You couldn't have picked a less convenient parking spot, but we'll be in touch as soon as we have a landing site for you.
Sunbeam out."



"Aurora, it's Sunbeam. We've made orbit, and scans have found a landing site on the planet that's only rated hazardous.
It's our best shot. We've sent you the coordinates. We'll be there in two days' time.
Cross your fingers the weather holds, and don't leave us waiting.
Sunbeam out."



Message Trigger


"RADIO: ▀▖┗▛Nine new biological subjects designated. Mode ▄▖▜▚┣: hunting/analyzing.
Sharing subject locations with other agents."



"RADIO: ▀▖┗▛Subject 11783 destroyed. Mode ▄▖▜▚┣: patrol.
New targets unaccounted for: 1."



"RADIO: ▀▖┗▛▄▖▜▚┣ ▜▚┗┣┗┫┓┏┓ ▛▄▖┅┗▖. ┣┗┏▛▄▖▜┏┣ ▚ ▖▞┣┗▖┗┣. ┣┗▖┃▀▚▗┏┏┓. ▖┛▀┗▞┃┏▄ ▛┏┗▄▖▜▚┣ ┅▖┗━▖ ▖┓┫▞┣ ▚ ▛▄┅┗▖ ▚ ▖▞┣┗▖┗┣ ▚┛▘▞━▖┅."

Precursor Radio


ALTERRA HQ: This is Alterra HQ. This may be our only communications window.
We can't send a rescue ship all the way out there, so Aurora, you're just gonna have to meet us halfway.
We've uploaded blueprints to the ship's computer. Blackbox data shows the high security terminal in the Captain's quarters is still functional.
The code should be 2679. When you- *Static*


  • Played when the Radio receives a new message:
  • Playing a message:



  • The Radio was originally named the Communications Relay.
  • Captain Hollister is a reference to the British TV Series "Red Dwarf (1988)".
  • The automated bounceback from the Aurora is most likely based on the position and condition the ship is in. Considering all the crew are dead and the ship is destroyed, it reaches the maximum arrival time (99999 hours) and cuts off.
  • Second Officer Keen assuming command may be a reference to the DOS computer game series "Commander Keen".
  • The line: "CPU: This is an automated bounce back from the Aurora. Divers equipped with seaglide personal propulsion vehicles will be dispatched to your location. *Static* Estimated arrival time: 9...9...9...9...9 hours.", is a possible reference to Portal 2, where the announcer says to Chell: "You have been in suspension for nine, nine, nine, nine, nine... nine, ni-- *continues in background* This courtesy call is to.....".
  • The messages "▀▖┗▛Nine new biological subjects designated. Mode ▄▖▜▚┣: hunting/analyzing. Sharing subject locations with other agents." and "▀▖┗▛Subject 11783 destroyed. Mode ▄▖▜▚┣: patrol. New targets unaccounted for: 1." are broadcasted by Warpers.
  • The message "▀▖┗▛▄▖▜▚┣ ▜▚┗┣┗┫┓┏┓ ▛▄▖┅┗▖. ┣┗┏▛▄▖▜┏┣ ▚ ▖▞┣┗▖┗┣. ┣┗▖┃▀▚▗┏┏┓. ▖┛▀┗▞┃┏▄ ▛┏┗▄▖▜▚┣ ┅▖┗━▖ ▖┓┫▞┣ ▚ ▛▄┅┗▖ ▚ ▖▞┣┗▖┗┣ ▚┛▘▞━▖┅." is an automated message from a Precursor.
  • Messages, before they were replaced with encrypted symbols:
    • ▀▖┗▛▄▖▜▚┣ ▜▚┗┣┗┫┓┏┓ ▛▄▖┅┗▖. ┣┗┏▛▄▖▜┏┣ ▚ ▖▞┣┗▖┗┣. ┣┗▖┃▀▚▗┏┏┓. ▖┛▀┗▞┃┏▄ ▛┏┗▄▖▜▚┣ ┅▖┗━▖ ▖┓┫▞┣ ▚ ▛▄┅┗▖ ▚ ▖▞┣┗▖┗┣ ▚┛▘▞━▖┅..
      • -> Karflaget gertrupop flayra. Troflagot e aitrart. Trankeboop. Askrinol forlaget yarma aquit e flyra e aitrart escimay.
    • ▀▖┗▛Nine new biological subjects designated. Mode ▄▖▜▚┣: hunting/analyzing. Sharing subject locations with other agents.
      • -> Nine new biological subjects designated. Mode switch: hunting/analyzing. Sharing subject locations with other agents.
    • ▀▖┗▛Subject 11783 destroyed. Mode ▄▖▜▚┣: patrol. New targets unaccounted for: 1.
      • -> Subject 11783 destroyed. Mode switch: patrol. New targets unaccounted for: 1.
  • 9...9...9...9...9 (99,999) hours is about 11 years and 5 months (11.4078 years). 999 hours is almost six weeks (41.625 days).


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