The Coffee Vending Machine is a miscellaneous item found in Wrecks.

To obtain the Coffee Vending Machine blueprint, scan one of the Coffee Vending Machines with the Scanner.

The Coffee Vending Machine can be used to get Coffee Americano, and has unlimited usage.

When built, the Coffee Vending Machine will say "You look like you could use some coffee."

The Coffee Vending Machine can produce up to two cups of Coffee Americano at a time, and takes seventeen seconds to finish. When the Coffee Vending Machine has finished, it will say "Coffee completed." and Coffee Americano will appear in the Inventory, regardless of distance. Its usage in game is rather cosmetic mainly because Coffee Americano isn't the best source of water.


Upon construction:

Coffee 1

Upon brewing completion:

Coffee 2


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  • The Coffee Vending Machine was once only acquired from Wrecks and was placeable. This has now been changed so that it is now buildable.
  • The Coffee Vending Machine's original model was an imported asset from Natural Selection 2, another game created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.
  • The Coffee Vending Machine appears to have settings for Small, Regular and Double. It is stuck on Small.