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The Chinese Potato Plant is a terrestrial non-hazardous type of life form belonging to the flora category. It can be harvested for Chinese Potatoes.

A Chinese Potato Plant can be found in a planter near the Abandoned Seabase or in Bart's garden on the Floating Island. One can also be found in a plant pot in a mountain top of the other sea base.

Appearance Edit

The Chinese Potato Plant appears to be a long grass with Chinese Potatoes at the roots. It also has several bioluminescent bulbs at the top of each stalk. The bulbs are yellow, and the leaves are assorted shades of green.

Data Bank Entry Edit

Farm Plant 2

The Chinese Potato is common throughout the China Territories, where synthetic foods are still stigmatized, and there remain large tracts of arable land on which to grow fresh produce. Genetically designed prior to the Expansion, this plant is highly adaptable to different environments, and a staple of new colonies galaxy-wide.

Assessment: Edible staple

Gallery Edit


  • The Chinese Potato Plant was formerly called the Purple Vegetable Plant.
  • The Chinese Potato Plant is suggested to have been brought to Planet 4546B by the Degasi Crew. This is supported by the fact that the Chinese Potato Plant is only found at the Floating Island Degasi Base.

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