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They're your responsibility now, don't let them down!

― Captain Hollister, Data Downloads


Captain Hollister was the captain of the Aurora. They were last heard on the Aurora, ordering Second Officer Keen to regroup any survivors at the Floating Island. Hollister sacrificed his own life to control the Aurora's descent, ensuring that the Aurora remained as intact as possible so that any remaining crew would be able to contact Alterra with its radio systems.


Ryley Robinson is required to access Hollister's personal quarters in order to obtain the blueprints for the Neptune Escape Rocket, which happened to be the only functioning computer on the Aurora.

Lifepod 19 Second Officer Keen's Voicelog


CAPTAIN: Keen! This is Aurora, come in!

KEEN: This is Keen, lifepod detached okay, planetfall in 30 seconds!

CAPTAIN: The computer has identified a landmass at the attached coordinates! I want you to regroup the crew there!

KEEN: Understood, but-

CAPTAIN: They are your responsibility now, don't let them down!

KEEN: Captain, you need to evacuate!

CAPTAIN: Negative, you'll need the ship in one piece if you're going to contact HQ on the long-range. I'm attempting a controlled descent.

 *Explosion aboard the Aurora*

KEEN: Captain?!


Captain's Log



  • Captain Hollister's name is possibly a reference to the British comedy television show Red Dwarf, which also featured a Captain Hollister.