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Then we salvage what we can from the area and think of something else, and we keep doing that until it's not too far, or the predators figure out we're tasty.

― CTO Yu, Data Downloads


Chief Technical Officer Yu was one of the many crew members on the Aurora. Yu and her friend Berkeley escaped the Aurora in Lifepod 2, which crashed in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone. Yu eventually met up with Second Officer Keen at the Floating Island, but died later on whilst searching for more survivors.

Relevant Data Downloads

CTO YU: Flotation devices failed!
BERKELEY: We're flooding, evacuate!
CTO YU: Wait, I can reconfigure the O₂ system to act as a bilge pump!
BERKELEY: It's working!
CTO YU: OK, good news: we're alive, and we've stopped sinking.
CTO YU: The O₂'s going to run out in 30 minutes and we're 500 meters down.
BERKELEY: What do we do?
CTO YU: We run the math.
BERKELEY: *Spluttering* I don't want to pressure you, but my feet aren't touching the floor anymore.
CTO YU: OK, OK, I think I can cobble together a rebreather. We can take a dive reel and chart our way out of this chasm and back to the surface.
BERKELEY: What if it's still too far?
CTO YU: Then we salvage what we can from the area and think of something else, and we keep doing that until it's not too far, or the predators figure out we're tasty.

CTO YU: We have to go back out there. We can't be the only two that made it.
OFFICER KEEN: Those are not the orders the captain gave me, and they are not the orders I'm giving you.
CTO YU: This isn't chain of command, this isn't heroism. It's survival. The more of us there are, the more likely we live.
OFFICER KEEN: My obligations as acting commander don't turn on their convenience. Get out of the water.
CTO YU: If I get into trouble, I'll send you my coordinates.
OFFICER KEEN: Okay, okay, just let me leave the PDA for anyone that makes it back here. I'm coming with you.

[Received emergency transmission from Second Officer Keen 2 hours after last activity]
OFFICER KEEN: These are my final orders. Rendezvous was a failure. Intercepted a transmission from Alterra HQ, couldn't hear all the detail. Seems they sent a data package to the Aurora. That's your best hope. Consider CTO Yu and I KIA. Keen... out.

   [Exiting sleep mode. Loading voice recognition. Engineer Berkeley and Chief Technology Officer Yu identified.]
BERKELEY: Drone, get me a propulsion cannon.
    [Repulsion cannon retrieved]
CTO YU: Hey, Berkeley! Install that circuit box with that repulsion cannon and you'll punch a hole in the cargo bay.
BERKELEY: Damnit, drone, I said PRO-pulsion, not RE-pulsion. Recalibrate sensors!
CTO YU: Sensors aren't the problem. I tweaked the program. It's like you now, it doesn't like being told what to do.
    [Sensors recalibrated]
BERKELEY: *Sigh* Drone, I know-
CTO YU: His name's Albert now.
BERKELEY: Albert. I know it's not your fault, but it would really help me do my job if you'd bring me what I asked for. Thanks for your time.
    [Propulsion cannon retrieved]
BERKELEY: Thank you. Now go away.
    [Entering hibernation mode]
BERKELEY: Boss, this hobby of yours ain't making my job any easier. Or safer.
CTO YU: Maybe so, but it's all that's stopping me taking a spacewalk in my skivvies. And you never know, Alterra might even buy the designs off me when we get home.