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The Bulkhead is a Seabase module. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and can be placed inside seabases at the ends of Basic Compartments. The Bulkhead cannot be placed in the passages that are automatically built between adjacent Multipurpose Rooms.

The Bulkhead increases the Seabase's hull integrity level by 3. The Bulkhead can be opened and closed to stop flooding from going into another section of a base. Note that this is only a temporary solution if the Seabase's hull integrity is too low, because breaches can just as likely appear on the other side of the sealed-off passageway.

How to use

  • Open Builder menu (RMB) and select Bulkhead.
  • Place it (Green ghost model will confirm placement).
  • Click on the door to open and close.

It is not currently possible to place a bulkhead in the junction corridor between two Multipurpose Rooms.


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Data Bank Entry

The bulkhead door is designed to separate compartments while reinforcing structural integrity with its solid titanium frame. The door can be opened and closed to seal off compartments in the event of fire or flooding, or simply for privacy.