This article is about the Boneshark. You may be looking for the Sand Shark.

The Boneshark is a large, highly aggressive fauna species. It is an actively fierce predator and mainly dwells in the Underwater Islands, Crag Field and Bulb Zone biomes.


The Boneshark is a large creature with a body entirely plated with bone and a large head featuring spikes extending backwards. Its head features a large mouth full of small, sharp teeth, which rather than normal teeth that are set into gums, are an extension of the exoskeleton, and two bioluminescent green eyes. It lacks a dorsal fin but has two spiked pectoral fins and flukes at the end of its tail. It is grey in color, with orange patterns on its head and to the edges of each bone plate.


The Boneshark is carnivorous, so it can be seen chasing other smaller fish, such as the Peeper. It is highly aggressive, often going so far as to attack members of its own species. Once the player is spotted, it will charge at them while screeching. Bonesharks are rather fast and are more than capable of catching up to the player. To avoid them, swim in a circular motion until the creature loses interest or get into a submersible. The Repulsion Cannon is also an effective tool to fend them off. The Boneshark's bite deals 30 damage to the player. It deals less damage to submersibles, but is still a threat. Bonesharks are also attracted to lights. Because of this, the creature can also be distracted using Flares or by using a Creature Decoy. When Bonesharks are attacked, they will turn to face their attacker and attack back, usually causing the attacker to flee.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

The Bonesharks inside Primary Containment Facility's Aquarium are not hostile to the player, and are thus not a threat.

Energy Value

BonesharkArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×630

Bone Shark EggArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×210

Data Bank Entry


A large and powerful predator that lives in small groups and fiercely defends its hunting grounds.

  1. Thickly-armored Exoskeleton:
    Suggests defensive adaptation either to larger predators, or in-species aggression. Marked similarity to the segmented exoskeleton of the sandshark, suggesting a relatively recent common ancestor.
  2. Large Eyeballs:
    Consistent with high light sensitivity, likely for hunting of luminescent prey in low-light environments.

Generally slow and unresponsive as a means of energy conservation, they will act with uncompromising speed and aggression against any threat to their territory.

Assessment: Avoid - May be distracted by light sources



  • The Sea Emperor Leviathan and the River Prowler previously used the AI of the Boneshark.
  • Bonesharks once dwelled in large numbers in the Grassy Plateaus.
  • Through a mistake, Bonesharks were incorrectly scaled and around half the size they were intended to be for the majority of the early access phase of Subnautica. This was fixed in the Voice of the Deep Update of 2017, where they were given a 50% size increase, then an additional 10% size increase on top of that.
  • The Boneshark, along with the Lava Lizard and River Prowler, used to be aggressive to the Cyclops and were capable of damaging the submersible. This was remove in the Voice of the Deep update.