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The subject of this article may not be implemented prior to Version 1.0 and information is limited!
This article is about the Blue Barnacle Cluster. You may be looking for the Barnacle.

Blue Barnacles are a type of in-development Fauna first seen in an early developer screenshot. It will most likely dwell in the Twisty Bridges, as it was featured in the concept art as a type of decoration. Blue Barnacles can be found in the entity gallery, and can also be spawned in individually by the singular barnacle (ID 3003) and by the cluster (ID 3004.)

There are barnacles found on Reefbacks that share a model with the singular Blue Barnacles. These act similarly to Limestone Outcrops.


The Blue Barnacles resemble clusters of real life Barnacles, embedded in a calcified, dark gray base. They have a maw with a light turquoise bioluminescent glow.

Blue Barnacles come as Blue Barnacle Clusters, and singular Blue Barnacles.



  • Blue Barnacles fall under the Fauna category, however, on the official Flora sheets for Subnautica, they are listed as Flora.

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