The subject of this article was not implemented in Version 1.0 and information is limited!

Bloom Plankton are a microscopic fauna species, yet to be implemented into the game.


Bloom Plankton are small, found only in groups and usually invisible, only becoming visible when they are "charged" with light. Their colour can be altered by shining different types of light onto them. Shining a Flashlight into a group of Bloom Plankton will cause them to glow bright white in colour; if a flare is thrown near a group of Bloom Plankton they will glow red in color, this color will be retained for a few moments before they become invisible again.

When charged, they can become a light source and will light up their surroundings. This could be used to the Player's advantage to navigate in dark areas.


When charged with light, Bloom Plankton will constantly shift and move amongst each other.

Bloom Plankton will swarm around light sources and stay there, it is unknown if this interaction with light benefits them.

Light source Bloom Plankton Colour
Seamoth White
Cyclops White
Prawn Suit White
Seaglide White
Flashlight White
Spotlight White
Floodlight White
Light Stick White
Flare Red