Blood Grass is a flora species found exclusively in the Grassy Plateaus in great abundance, which in turn derives the biome's name from the large, widespread patches of Blood Grass.

It can also be found growing on the carapace of the Reefback Leviathans.


Blood Grass consists of a small group of dull red blades of tall grass. They tend to grow close to each other, forming vast patches.

Data Bank Entry

A common sea grass adapted to shallow, sandy environments.

  • Likely to grow wherever the ground is too loose or the ocean surface too far down for creepvines to take hold
  • Commonly found growing on the crests of dunes and atop raised plateaus for superior access to sunlight
  • Distinctive red coloration may be an adaptation to low wavelength light on the seabed, a deterrent against predators, or both
  • Insufficient calories for human consumption

Assessment: Presence supports healthy biodiversity



  • A data bank entry for Blood Grass does exist and is shown in this article, but the entry is impossible to obtain via normal means.