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Blood Cave Roots are a non-hazardous type of life form belonging to the flora category, and dominate the Blood Kelp Caves. They frequently feature Blood Oil pustules, which are a harvestable raw material. Despite having a Data Bank Entry image, the Blood Cave Root can't be scanned.

Appearance Edit

Blood Cave Roots are large root-like plants, which emit a greenish-white bioluminescent glow. They stretch from one wall to another, or from the cave ceiling to its bottom. Each root is made up of multiple smaller roots intertwining each other.

Many Blood Cave Roots seemingly grow out blood oil pustules from its thick stem.

Data Bank EntryEdit

Blood Cave Root


For a more complete gallery, visit Blood Cave Root/Gallery


  • Blood Cave Roots were originally green with yellow oil instead of Blood Oil and were intended to be Kelp Forest Caves flora[1], a model of the original Kelp Forest version of the roots can be found on Sketchfab


  1. Dated October 13, 2016

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