• GreggTheKid

    Subnautica Roleplay

    November 21, 2017 by GreggTheKid

    This is roleplay page where roleplayers can do what they do!

    There are RULES to!

    Roles: 1-3 Survivors. Every creature is available, Ai is allowed as well.

    Survivor roles:

    Gregg The Kid Kid survivor (Me) I can only discover Precursor tech and structures and only gets contacted by Sea Emperor and only gets infected
    the techy(Thats a word now) one, I'm the only one who can have the repair tool, and given enough time can repair even a blown up seamoth.
    the pilot. Adjusting the settings on the vehicle I am in (or hollering to the engine man in the case of the Cyclops) to maximize performance way beyond those factory defaults, I am the guy to drive the vehicles.

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  • Darth Tragedus

    Yay more Subnautica Lego by yours truly! My newest set has been approved by Lego Ideas and is now live on the website - the Underwater Base in the Grand Reef.  I am super proud of this set and I hope you all enjoy!

    Unfortunately, this may be my last Subnautica Lego set for a few months.  I am currently finishing up my last year of Masters and applying to doctoral programs so I am becoming very VERY busy studying for doctoral interviews and tests.  Hence, I won't have too much time to work on Subnautica Lego until after February next year.  However, don't worry!  I still have many plans that I am looking forward to showing you all.

    Please let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see next! Here are some ideas I had from my last blo…

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  • FrostBane Lives

    Hello im new!

    December 11, 2017 by FrostBane Lives
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  • Golby Face!

    I want to say this. Oculuses and Peepers arn't subspecies! And so are sea emperors and sea dragons! They might be in the same family, but not subspecies, they just are to diferent from one and other. The Eyeye and Red Eyeye might be subspecies from one and other. They also could be in the same genus though of they are far enouth away from each other. I found this article telling more details of what a subspecies is, and I hope you will learn something today.

    I might be saying some things that are incorrect here, so feel free to correct me. See you then, bye! (Sorry if i crushed you're feelings a little to hard)

    Link to site:

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  • Funnydogparrot


    November 20, 2017 by Funnydogparrot
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  • Benithedark

    No more Lead

    November 18, 2017 by Benithedark

    I can not find any large 

    • Large Resource Deposits

    with Lead anymore does anybody have this problem, too?

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  • DerpLord12

    The eye candy update

    December 15, 2017 by DerpLord12

    So, the eye candy update.

    first off, HI! im back. derplord12 is back at it again. 

    the recent eye candy update is an update that adds the "filmic mode" but kinda makes the graphics worse than before in my opinion. for instance, the new graphics make everything more blurry and weird. the older graphics were more clear and the creatures looked more alive and the fire more firey. anyways, thats all out of me this time. bye, pls comment on this, and really, bye!

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  • GreggTheKid
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  • Golby Face!

    Art Challenge

    December 16, 2017 by Golby Face!

    I'm gonna be daring the community to redraw some of my old art because it's fun to see other people add things to it to make it more scary or cute or what ever y'know. Here are five old drawings recomended by me.

    So i'll hope you're drawing would be like how you wanted it! Good luck!

    -Golby Face!

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  • Harrzack

    For a long time I've  been whining about the lack of "situational awareness" data when one goes into Camera Mode in the Cyclops.  The Eye Candy update has improved that view a lot - but the (lame) tool-tips on using the cams is still there.   If a player has gotten to the point where they have a Cyclops, it won't take much to indicate those actions a little more out of the way

    But the bigist prob (IMHO) is the lack of Depth, Heading, and Direction info when using the cameras - which MUST be a more commonly used mode to 'drive' the sub!

    So I've taken a screen shot of the Cyclops in Camera mode showing in Camera 3 mode - Keel.  I've also added a rought idea of a 'data panel' that coulod be at the bottom of the screen.  This would provide all n…

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