• Skilfularcher

    there is a lot of fact about the Arctic DLC, but there is still a lot left to speculation. I made this blog post so anyone can write their theories about the arctic story line, characters, cretures, and vehicles. There are a couple bylaws though, please read them before commenting about anything.

    1. Please no Swearing, it will in all make everything not nice for younger or just in general others (like myself) that dont peticularly like swearing or reading/hearing it, thx.

    2. please be very nice and not all caps anyone (I struggle with that) because it's not very nice.

    3. the most important pls do not theorise about the Atlas, while it is cool it is way to big and the devs have already confirmed it will not be in the game.

    Thank you for readin…

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  • Tick522

    New base peices

    April 27, 2018 by Tick522

    so i wanted to make a blog on all my ideas for new base peices.

    feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.

    1 Power generator.

    this would be like the old one in the early stages of the game.( i dont know the name of it) you would put 4 power cells i  it this time instead of 6 and you would place it outside your base i think the recipe would be: power cell + power cell + power cell + Power cell + titanium + silver.

    2 diaganol corridor.

    so everybody knows there are 4 sides of the multipurpose room that you cant attach corridors to. so this would be the same as the regular I corridor just it would be able to attach diagonally to a multipurpose room it would have the same recipe: Titanium + Titanium.

    3 large alien containment.

    so this would be a…

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  • FireyGamerIsTheBest0

    Subnautica NEEDS the ability to tame and ride Reaper Leviathans!

    They also need to add that grappling hooks for Exosuits can be on a cyclops and stay on when you exit. You would not need to return to your base to get a seamoth and replace your exosuit or vise versa!

    They need water speed too!

    Rocket can launch when gun is ready, but then it explodes and there is a wreck somewhere nearby by a gun hit.

    You get a 5 second warning too evacuate Neptune.

    If you don't, well, lets say it is over.

    Your Launch Pad is ok when it explodes.

    You can decontruct the rocket to get a few of the items back.

    You lose the Shield upgrade and some other things.

    If you are on hardcore mode, it really would be over.

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  • NodesDM

    Hull Integrity

    April 29, 2018 by NodesDM

    Hey, I have built a base down by the Leviathan Tree, and it keeps telling me there is Damage due to weak hull strength. I have put down a foundation and I have built reinforcements on every single wall. I have also put up bulkheads in ever single hallway. Can anyone help? I don't know what else to do other than to destory the whole thing. 

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  • Cobalt Sea

    Fossil Reconstruction

    April 25, 2018 by Cobalt Sea

    Sorry! This blog post has been removed.

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  • DrPie27

    My disease research facility is located in the jellyshroom caves and is where I try to cure the planet by collecting cured peepers, trying to spread the cure to other peepers, mixing the cured with the infected and releasing the cured. Anything to big to take in, I kill.

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  • Fireblade15

    Vehicle Histories

    April 24, 2018 by Fireblade15

    This technology is nothing new. Personal underwater propulsion devices have been around since the 20th century and have both civilian and military applications. They provide a fast and reliable means of transport for the exploration of underwater cave systems and the location of potential mining sites. However, these systems have come a long way since the early days of powered personal underwater transport when such devices were large, heavy and slow; today's personal underwater propulsion systems are much smaller, lighter and faster.

    During the period of humanity's expansion into the greater galaxy and the subsequent rivalries between Earth-based paramilitary forces and independent colonial corporations, there was some concern among naval …

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  • DrPie27

    My Main Base

    April 23, 2018 by DrPie27
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  • VectorMaster

    I was wondering, can we use the To-Do list as a list for the Wiki?  That way, it doesn't effect any players, and it might help keep the Wiki up to date?  Please add to it if you can!

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  • DrPie27

    My thermal plant

    April 23, 2018 by DrPie27
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