• Jamintheinfinite

    A chart I made because I got bored in my Graphics Communications class.

    If you somehow couldnt tell already, this blog contains spoilers

    Black- related. (Confirmed by the PDA) (only exception to this is sea dragon and sea emperor)

    Red = possible relation (fan theories).

    Blue = other (other reasons).

    Common Ancestors- Theorised creatures (Black = stated by PDA, red = fan theorised relation

    • A meteor crashed into the Dunes at an unknown time. This may have caused a minor extinction event, similar to what has happened to Earth multiple times. (Due to the precursor cache in the place where the meteor struck not having a normal entrance and having a knocked over pillar it could be possible that it hit the planet less than 1000 years ago)
    • Due to the attack…

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  • Khirman

    This is a fanmade story of the life of Soglyadatay (Russian pronunciation for Peeper), nicknamed Hero by his friends.

    As Hero was swimming around the shallows, he decided that he wanted to explore. So he went to the Kelp Forest to explore. He noticed that there were no Stalkers in the area. Strange, he thought. I should have seen at least one stalker by now. Suddenly, a stalker ambushed him from behind! He heard the stalker just in time to avoid getting his tail bitten off. He whirled around to face the stalker. "Well, you're deserving of that name," Hero yelled. "You're just coward trying to get an easy meal. All you do is hide." Then Hero noticed that the stalker's attention wasn't on him. Hero decided to turn 90° to check if it was a Mesme…

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  • Lava Larry

    Wut iz your favorite?

    March 11, 2018 by Lava Larry

    Hi. Me is a Lava Larva. I would like to know, what biome do you humans like the most? Pls tell meh. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO GO TO FIND YOU, AND SUCK YOUR POWER OUT...

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  • AkaiFireWood

    Hello everyone , in a few hour ago . I watched a Subnautica video , and in a few minutes this guy have seen a black thing with 4 blue eyes. This thing appeard on his Seamoth when he went to the big shell. I just really want to know what is this thing , I just search for Google for long time but I just have no information by this thing Thank you if you answer my question.What is this thing?

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  • Pizza85079

    how Long

    March 19, 2018 by Pizza85079

    This is a Thing I thought how long have you been knoked out Maby YEARS I mean all other survivors are dead by the time you wake up

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  • AOceanRaptor

    (Day 1) i was in this MASSIVE i mean mind blowing massive ship all of a sudden it got shot down, i found myself in the ocean.. I  had started building... more and more and more..(Day 5) i had begun to make vehicles and stuff... thats all i'm noting (day 50) i have so much well heres it in a nutshell i started to examine lifeforms.. more things BIGger bases and ye... (Day 99) todays the day we leave this planet!!!!! YAY!!! *starts the liftoff* whats that?? a GIANT building?!?!?!?! *static* (Day 100) ..........ERROR...........  .           .             .                                    .                        .                   .                                   .       .                        .                      .                …

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  • Sammy the saftey reaper
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  • Imasubnauticafan


    March 12, 2018 by Imasubnauticafan

    So like, can the developers maybe and I mean MAYBE put a alternate ending for the sunbeam like if you turn off the gun in time the sunbeam will actually land and like save you.

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  • Pizza85079


    March 19, 2018 by Pizza85079


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  • Absentina


    March 18, 2018 by Absentina

    This blog is for chats and possible debates on the coolest creatures in Subnautica

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