• Jamintheinfinite

    A chart I made because I got bored in my Graphics Communications class.

    If you somehow couldnt tell already, this blog contains spoilers

    Black- related. (Confirmed by the PDA) (only exception to this is sea dragon and sea emperor)

    Red = possible relation (fan theories).

    Blue = other (other reasons).

    Common Ancestors- Theorised creatures (Black = stated by PDA, red = fan theorised relation

    • A meteor crashed into the Dunes at an unknown time. This may have caused a minor extinction event, similar to what has happened to Earth multiple times. (Due to the precursor cache in the place where the meteor struck not having a normal entrance and having a knocked over pillar it could be possible that it hit the planet less than 1000 years ago)
    • Due to the attack…

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  • SoSV

    Subnautica Challenge!

    March 24, 2018 by SoSV

    To better enjoy this game and to contribute to the wiki, I have created a challenge:

    1. You will use a RNG to decide a biome to live in. It can not be the Safe Shallows.

    2. You will have a day and a night to gather resources and blueprints.

    3. Using the Debug Console Commands you will:

    - Give yourself a Habitat Builder.

    - Enter creative mode.

    - Get the blueprint for a Multipurpose Room.

    - Go to the biome previously decided by the RNG.

    - Build a Multipurpose Room with a Hatch and Solar Panel .

    - Enter survival or freedom mode.

    4. Then you will continue the game as normal. Do NOT:

    - Build a base in any other biome or set up a permanent settlement elsewhere.

    5. Build a Neptune Escape Rocket and leave!

    First day and night checklist:

    - Get Scanner

    - Get Seagl…

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  • Da Clorax

    I have given a name for the ancient skeleton Leviathan; Absentian Leviathan. Here's my crude representation of what it would look like;

    I have done the same with the Gargantuan Leviathan, which I will now refer to as the Imperator Leviathan. I chose Imperator because 1. Amthomnia suggested it, and I thought it sounded good. 2. I made sense, since something that big would obviously be demanding of it's environment. 3. It's skull appeared to resemble some sort of mammalian or reptilian creature, and NOT like any mere fish. If it were a mammilian or reptilian creature, it would probably be therefore more intelligent, for obvious reasons. (ie, goldfish vs dolphin)

    Here's a crude representation of the collosal beast; 

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  • SoSV

    Subnautica Tips!

    March 28, 2018 by SoSV

    Leave your tips in the comments and I will probably add them. 


    - When going to the Lost River in a Cyclops, I recommend you don't go through the Deep Grand Reef, it's a really tight fit.

    > I prefer going through the Blood Kelp Zone (Adjacent to Lifepod 2) because you already have a beacon and it has a large entrance; just beware of the Ghost Leviathan.  

    > I also prefer getting the Cyclops Sonar, as it helps in navigation and doesn't attract any Crabsquids.

    - When exploring the DGR Seabase, always tuck your Seamoth into a corner with the lights off, or else you won't be getting a ride home tonight.

    - You only need, assuming you have only 1 Prawn Suit + Cyclops, or you don't lose an item using the resource, 11 Nickel, 9 Crystallin…

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  • Pizza85079

    how Long

    March 19, 2018 by Pizza85079

    This is a Thing I thought how long have you been knoked out Maby YEARS I mean all other survivors are dead by the time you wake up

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  • SeaDragonLeviathan123

    So here are some random subnautica challenges to try.

    1: Try this Challenge!

    2: Build a base in the crater edge.

    3: Go into creative and make a base that covers the whole map.

    4: Fight a reaper leviathan

    5: Fight a sea dragon leviathan

    6: Fight a ghost leviathan

    7: do some glitches! (such as, power glide v2, (fast seaglide) hydrobase, (go into ocean like you are in a base) and camera drone in base. (i should not need to explain this one)

    8: Beat the game in hardcore

    9: Kill a cuddle fish. (YES IM SAYING TO TRY TO KILL A CUDDLE FISH DONT HATE ME OK?!?!?)

    10: Crash the game.

    11: Spawn a HOSTILE leviathan in every biome and play like that, and every section  of a biome, and subbiomes (lost river biomes) all get a leviathan too. (you can do the same with…

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  • DrPie27

    Clyde's log 1

    April 3, 2018 by DrPie27

    Three days after the degasi crash, decided to start a PDA log, Jack i'm sure is dead. I've lost sight of Paul, Madia, Bart and Justin, i'm searching this planet to try and find building materials, I'll make a hand crafted fabricator, looks like a peice of scrap but it'l work for some tools, my plan is to get a habitat up and running so I can fabricate the materials to make a seamoth, all I need now is some creepvine, those stalker pests better not get in my way.

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  • Jurandfantom

    Wasabi One is command line (by entering "sizeref") spawn model that could be used like size reference point. Model height is around 168 cm (1,68m).

    Model height received outside of the game.


    • Software: PhotoScan by Agisoft
    • Method: Photogrammetry and scale measure
    • Methodology:
    1. On flat area was digged 5 holes with know radius (command line "dig #" ): 15m, 10m, 5m, 4m, 3m
    2. Spawned Wasabi One model in middle flat point
    3. Photo collection
    4. Creating measure points across digged holes to calibrate ruler tool
    5. Measure Wasabi One model height to receive estimated height
    • Error margin around 0.1 cm (0.001m)

    If setup Cyclops like measure object (~54 m = 177 foot according to wiki  ), Wasabi One height is 1,69 m


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  • DrPie27

    Clyde's log 2

    April 4, 2018 by DrPie27

    I've got some lubricant from creepvine seed clusters, though a pack of stalkers had me in their sights, killed two of them, but one of the four bit me, it had these green buldges on its body and rough skin, and I think i'm starting to get them too, i'm hoping for the best and starting to try research on the bacterium, on the bright side, I made a seamoth and am close to a cyclops so i'm slightly more motivated, my hopes are high, Clyde.

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  • SeaDragonLeviathan123

    This is how to preform 3 bugs.

    Bug Number 1. Powerglide V2

    What you need!

    1. Seaglide

    2. Some means to damage a base

    3. Repair tool

    4. A base so big the entering and exiting animations are skipped


    1. Damage a section of your base near a hatch, and maybe a bulkhead to reduce flooding.

    2. after filling mostly with water repair the breaches.

    3. leave the base with the seaglide while bobbing in the water.

    You SHOULD have a very fast seaglide!


    • You get a very fast seaglide.
    • you can switch tools, enter a seamoth or prawn, or even drop the sea glide, a…
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