• ScanianMoose

    Hey people,

    just wanted to notify you of this blog post by one of the Subnautica devs:

    >> To 64-bit, or not to 64-bit?

    The gist is that Subnautica currently still runs on 32-bit systems, which represents only a tiny percentage of the players and which limits the memory usage to 4 GB. The game already pushes beyond the limits of this RAM maximum, which results in frequent crashes and which requires the developers to "dumb down" all mechanics in the game in order to make it playable, sacrificing gameplay for the sake of a small minority of players, many of which weren't supposed to buy the game in the first place as per the minimum requirements listed on the Steam Store page.

    If the 32-bit standard were to be abandoned in favour of 64-bit, the v…

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  • MetalBreakerZ

    Hey guys! I just made a 3D model for Subnautica. It's about 80% done, it hasn't got textures yet. What do you think? It has 4,500 polygons (or something close to that number). 

    It hasn't got its official name yet, but for now, I have named it the "Bouyancy Device". Basically, the concept of this game object is to keep the player on the surface of the sea. Look at the picture on the left. Imagine there's a majestic blue sea below it, with a man holding it by the handles,with his head laying on the pillowish kind of part (you see that curved line on the back?). That's what it's supposed to be used for. There's one more function for it. If you're tired of swimming and just want to replenish your health and oxygen, imagine the same scenario, ex…

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  • Calebthagreat1

    New monsters

    May 11, 2015 by Calebthagreat1

    Y'all should put a bigger and header monster like a king crab etc. and y'all should put some people that died on the mother ship etc.

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  • Ted509

    The Markings all over Subnauitca with Alterra is just one thing, but all the creatures in Subnauitca Are in one way or another, Similer to Natural Selection 2. Thats what im talking about, A CROSSOVER

    Just look at Everything, The art style, the creatutures, the tech. There Alike! Comment down below on what you think, do you think they are in the same universe?

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  • Danger107

    Odd Findings

    April 12, 2015 by Danger107

    I found a few odd things swimming around and didn't know if anyone else has seen these or have some they'd like to share.

    War music? Warp to 1530 -320 -610 then swim straight up, and then straight down. What is this? It can be tricky to get it to play but you should hear someone singing with drums when you swim down past 500m.

    Random crater with dead end tunnels -1500 -375 505  

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  • BringOnTomorrow

    Was just mauled by three Leviathans beside the Aurora. Very happy to see that they dont respectively target the player, but instead objects (left my seamoth out to see what would happen and they seemed to prioritize that instead of the cyclops), but i was bashed about almost to a point of no control. Also busy reporting a bug between the bridge and the seamoth entrance room (Insta death)

    But i had a thought, I love the fact that there are three behaviors, instead of attack and just to look pretty (Aggressive, Defensive and Passive), But perhaps you could in the "to be added" NCP's create a curious behavior (such as with the Warper). Upon initial contact the NPC would keep a distance and perhaps even circle the player. If the player approach…

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  • PyroTurbulent

    Depth: Subnautica

    April 19, 2015 by PyroTurbulent

    A variation of the game Depth, but in a subnautic type world! You as the human need to find rescources to make weapons instead of buying weapons. However, you as a hostile creature need to use your abilities to find and kill the player.

    'Choose your creature' should be another thing for the hunters when they get enough points.

    The humans goal is to follow a machine that will be analyzing plants/ creatures until you arrive back to your Cyclops.

    The hunters goal is to kill.

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  • Weijsters


    April 13, 2015 by Weijsters

    in the game there is the terraformer, with wich you can create and destroy pieces of land to your liking, as great as it is, its also very incomplete. a few possibilities would be to be able choose what material it materializes, the size of ball, the shape of it, to undo mistakes. maybe have an extra terraformer for flora and fauna so u can catch fish and free them somewhere where they stay in a X radius so you can populate any given place with patience.  or pick pieces of flora and plant them where you want it to be. other accesories such as lights or a reel where you connect 1 point to another so u can move faster from base to farm place for mats or flora/fauna. a harpoon to shoot of the bigger fish for special items with wich u could po…

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  • IzumiP

    Sorry if this too short for a Blog Post, but does HTML work on here? I figured it would be something like that since the K in wikia is surrounded by [ ], just a question to hep all of us noobies out there if we want to hep, I really really want to know!

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  • Khaglun


    Recently we made some custom icons wikia, and in this connection I wonder if you have a feedback on it. Some of the small icons are not so fine when you blow them up in photoshop, and therefore it was more pleasing to the eye to create icon either from the game or generated on the basis of the original. What do you think we should do? , ,

    • - Improvement of the original, with magnification. (Photo #1).
    • - Creating an improvement bassert from the actual things in the game (Photo #2).
    • - In some rare cases create a based upon parallel to the game (Photo #3).

    These icons will be replaced when it has come out icons in full size in the game as it gets in a small period.We have a dialogue ongoing with subnautica developers, so they are aware of the…

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