• LeonTheDoge

    Just..... look at it, and.... hot damn it is truly big and loud!

    And... yeah, they do poop~ XD

    ("spawn seatreader" to spawn it)

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  • LeonTheDoge

    Look at the size of that tree... FRICKIN' COLOSSAL!!!

    Just see how tiny the player model is~ @O@

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  • Water Fish 88

    Indev biomes

    April 11, 2016 by Water Fish 88

    List of in dev biomes the ones that are closer to the top are more in-dev.

    • Twisty Bridges
    • Lost River
    • Inactive Lava Zone
    • Grand Reef
    • Sea Treader's Path
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  • Squidzo's meat house

    Should we add more in development fauna and flora?


    Ghost Ray

    Starfish(Maybe flora/coral?)


    Lost River Pillars

    Lost River Platform Plant(not official name)

    Lost River Core Tree

    Lost River Mohawk Plant(not official name)

    Maybe also in development tech?

    Battery Charging Station

    Powercell Charging Station

    New In-Base Model for Nuclear Reactor

    New In-Base Model for Bioreactor

    I'll give links if you want

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  • KyouSakagami

    I'm lost

    April 6, 2016 by KyouSakagami

    Wtf is ILZChamber?

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  • Squidzo's meat house

    Ghost Ray

    April 8, 2016 by Squidzo's meat house

    I was looking through sketch fab and found this.

    Ghost Ray on Sketch Fab

    That is concept art for the ghost ray in the giant ghost tree area

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  • Water Fish 88


    April 3, 2016 by Water Fish 88

    Fragments with model                 Fragments with model in experimental           Fragments with model, but not in-game                                         Floodlight                                                              Seamoth                                     Propulsion cannonBench                                                                                                                             Chair Desk  Exterior growbed  Cyclops                                                                                  Bioreactor                               Interior growbed                                                                        Exosuit Lightstick                                                          …

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  • DLGsW

    The Chair Glitch.

    April 7, 2016 by DLGsW

    Anyone else getting the chair glitch? Once you sit in the chair (that may or may not be probly constructed) then try to stand up you are sitting still but not on the chair, just air. You can't turn camera fully around either. 

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  • Jmoo369


    April 2, 2016 by Jmoo369

    The kid in me awoken when I noticed we could click on the home screen of Subnautica to make time guys!

    Any other easter eggs or fun stuff you've discovered in the game?

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  • Raptorbae

    To make up for me accidentally turning off my computer before I checked what kind of glitchyness happened, I've taken some pictures from the previous 8-hour leave-the-game-paused-and-come-back-later-event and posted them here. Enjoy!

    Here we see two Doomerangs in their natural habitat. 

    One has a tail and the other one has collapsed into a singularity.

    This one looks like it's smiling.

    Here we see a large polygon-flower like growth. coming out of a spadefish.


    Imagine yourself returning to your base after gathering resources. Everything is going great until nightfall... That's when THIS thing jumps out and tries to bite your head off. 

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