• Jaythecool0

    Story -  So I accidentaly did the glitch on floater island, where sometimes when you fall off into the ocean and not just the shallows, and I fell for a while, and before you know it I hit the bottom at about deapth 2000. After getting there I explored a little bit, and then my icon for the bui;ding sea bases menu popped up. It woulden't go down so I decided that I'd just walk around with it on. I learned that the biome was safe shallows, even though it was 2000 deapth and I fell from floater island with it. I took as many screen shots as I could and I'm giving them to you.

    What it looks like - It looks like a strange area as with lava shards and mushrooms enbedded within the ground. You can fall a bit more and soon enough it looks a bit li… Read more >
  • Water Fish 88

    This is a list of in development biomes. The list is like the ones at the top are the ones closest to being realeased and the ones in the bottom are earliest in development. Please note that I am not saying this is true, nor am I trying to feed anyone bad information, this is 100% my opinion, and this list is most likeley not accurate. Although, I do belive that this list has every in-dev biome, but that still might not be true. Here it goes:

                    1. Sea treaders path (because its in the game, and it has fish)

                    2. Inactive lava (its in the game, but no fish)

                    3. Lost river (not in the game, but coming soon)

                   4. Tiwsty bridges (not in the game, but it has dev screenshots)


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  • Darwin-Evolution

    So I was surfing on the UWE Subnautica general discussion and I found this awesome idea made by this awesome dude . His idea was to be able to create dishes in the game. Although I don't actually want this in the game (it'll look too much like Don't Starve), I drooled when I saw his amazing art. If you get hungry, don't blame me.

    He can take orders btw, so give him ideas or give your ideas here and I well pass them to him. Bon Appétit!

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  • Water Fish 88

    Ok, so since the crash sequence update, the title screen's backround, like the gif of subnautica, is just BLACK. The loading screen is BLACK, and for some reason, some textures of items are jsut black squares. The shadows are way darker then usual, like completley black. I posted a vid on my youtube channel with screenshots. (my youtube channel name is the same as my username on this wiki).

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  • RezonantVoidSkillz

    Normally I wouldn't be bothered to do this but i'm fed up. Concerning fragment research (this issue mainly applies to survival mode), Most of the fragments that require 3 of themselves to be scanned to unlock the blueprint have a super annoying glitch. If I scan all 3 fragments neccessary, the research progress gets stuck on 99% and wont move from there even if I scan another of the same fragment. This denies me access to vital game features, like the cyclops, seamoth and seaglide. I have a feeling this is something to do with the fact that each fragment is worth 33%. Also, the lifepod keeps teleporting away from it's original position, an issue I thought had long been fixed. I came up out of the Jellyshroom caves at night and followed the…

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  • AlejandroRex7

    I'm about to make a youtube vid where I do a Subnautica Biomes Comparison video, but I need confirmation on the order of biomes from least populated to most populated. (I do not include shoals nor flora)

    I just need confirmation if I got this list right from least populated to most populated:

    Inactive Lava Zone

    Grand Reef

    Blood Kelp

    Mountains (Includes Mountain Island)

    Floater Islands

    Jelly Shroom Caves

    Mushroom Forest (Includes Giant Tree)


    Crash Zone


    Under Islands

    Koosh Zone

    Safe Shallows

    Kelp Forest

    Grassy Plateaus

    If I have anything wrong please comment me the correct answer.

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  • AlfonsoSC

    For some reason when I try to access my console the game wont allow me I tried restaring the game but it still wont work. Yes I already know how access it by pressing esc and F3 but when I click it nothing happens

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  • Jimmy2004


    March 27, 2016 by Jimmy2004

    So as only a tiny bit of video's has been showing the sandworm and its in the gallery in subnautica's creative mode and that's why it makes me wonder if the sandworm will be scrapped,released and if it will ever have a page on this wiki... Tell me what you think... Here are the stats of the sand worm right now... (Might be why there removing terra forming so you don't see the sand worm) Attitude:aggressive Biomes:Ocean Floor category:??? Active during the player gets close to the sandworms mushroom DNA serum:Unknown

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  • Water Fish 88

    2 Blog posts in 1

    March 20, 2016 by Water Fish 88

    Ok, this blog post is about 2 topics: Here's the 1rst:

    What does 32 bit mean? In that thing where you select experimental mode, below it, it says "32bit_no_longer_updated"

    I went on it, and for some reason, the cutefish has animations. 

    Topic #2: What is new in experimental mode? There is a wierd glitch where when I go to experimental it just says 

    "Update queued". When I double click, it says "launching subnautica" and doesnt do ANYTHING. Ive once waited

    exactley 10 minutes and it didn't do anything. So can someone please tell me whats in there so I get a heads up for

    the next major update? :(

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  • Water Fish 88

    K this is in-dev creatures its a list from closest to bieng released to earliest in development. (In my opinion). Information mostley gotten from trello. The list  goes like the ones closest to the top is the ones closest to being released (hopefully) XD.

    1. Sea treader

    2. Warper

    3. Lost river bone shark (proably the spine eel)

    4. Lava larva

    5. Lava lizard

    6. Sea dragon leviathan

    7. Cute fish

    8. Sea emperor

    9. Blue barnacles

    10. Rock puncher (Cuz its not gonna be released)

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