• ElChibros


    April 13, 2016 by ElChibros

    The Warper is now in the game ! I did a short video to give you a little preview :

    As the contrary of what we expected, the warper is not able to create teleporting gate, he makes other creatures teleporting with teleporting bullets (10 damage).

    Also when a creature is trying to hurt him, the warper teleport himself (as you can see in the video)

    He is defensive.

    Also he can escape from statis rifle !! 

    You can also check the video i did yesterday that gives you a preview of the CrabSquid, SeaTreader and the Lost River :

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  • Kapadie

    Rough Peeper Variations

    April 24, 2016 by Kapadie

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to share a little sketch I did in my free time.  It's supposed to be some designs of peepers that have adapted to different biomes. 

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  • LeonTheDoge

    The Cutefish sounds... cute! XD

    It emits some sort of cackling/squeaking adorable noises.

    Cutefishes can be picked up as well, displayed in the PDA as "Special Edition pet".

    Also, it now follows the player, sweet!

    The Crabsquid has a creepy vibe to its sounds, emitting a wide range of ghastly, "echolocation-ish" noises.

    And the Spine Eel is just freaky/scary, it's definately not something you'd hear everyday.

    Once again, awesome job done by our wonderful devs of Subnautica!

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  • DLGsW

    I was just wondetring how many life pods are out there. So far I've encountered about three (include the one you landed with) 13, 17 and 5. Is there any more than that? If so then can we assume that there are (or going to be) 17 lifepods in total, if not more? I just wounder how many have been discovered so far. 

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  • Emayli
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  • LeonTheDoge

    This is something ongoing, it's yet to be implemented into the game.

    Considered this as an indev-screenshot.

    But just look at the size of that Leviathan - holy cow!

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  • Water Fish 88

    What do you think subnautica will be like after 1.0? Twisty birdges will probably be added after 1.0 on trello, most of the things on the "unkown" tab will be after 1.0 those things are:

    • Rock puncher
    • Jetpack
    • grappling hook
    • more achievements
    • female player model
    • Speciesanalyzer
    • cyclops incenerator
    • Lost river area 4

    Other than that, what do you think subnautica will be like after 1.0? Do you think the devs will never do anything and leave it untouched? Will they make more concept art and release a ton new major updaes? What do you think?

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  • Fishrus

    For a while when I am in my base in the lost river, the spine eels i spawned in are attacking my warpers above them, they use some sort of whipping technique on other large fauna including Crabsquids, And possibly reaper leviathans. However when I get up close to it, it behaves like a Bone shark. Could this be some sort of work in progress behavior?

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  • Bronymon

    Custome pics!

    April 15, 2016 by Bronymon

    Using the Picture Frame you can decorate your sea base with various screenshots taken with "F11", however there is a way to import outside images from your computer! Located in your Subnautica folder in

    Steam/steamapps/common/Subnautcia/SNAppData/SavedGames/slot0000/screenshots are the screenshots taken in game using F11, F12 being Steam's screenshot taker. You can add any image into the screenshots folder by copying it from your PC! Make sure it's 800x600 so it'll fit! Keep in mind the "slot0000" will change depending on your save game, slot0000 might have different screenshots from slot0001. I know that the wiki has information about this on the picture frame page, but I felt like sharing! Read more >