• Drakune

    What is that?

    March 30, 2016 by Drakune

    Look at this screenshot:

    I just wanted to go very deep built up a base and then this message appeared.

    He said: 750m south of the crash site. So i went there and there is nothing. First i thought coordinates end at -750 cause there is the south.

    So i moved to this position and there was nothing. No abandonded Base or something...nothing. It cant be the island because its south-west from the aurora.

    Could I get the message or not? Im in experimental so i dont know.

    Very strange!

    BUT it seems to be a little story or something. The Crew alive? He said that he is alive. I want to find out but i cant at this moment. IM SO EXCITED :D. What do YOU think about the message?

    Next thing:

    What is this? Its under the spawn point

    Maybe something from the Lost ri…

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  • Jaythecool0

    In the current experimental mode of subnautica (Tuesday march 29th 2016.) You get a distress signal and a message from pod 17 that talks about meeting on the island south of the aroura. So, here is my theory about what the story will be.

    Something makes the ship crash, sending it to a stranded island. Only a fiew people survived, and you are one of them. You need to find other people, a place to live, and a way to get back home. The first thing you do is weld the escape pod back together, and get it up and working again. Soon enough you will get some messages on where to meet, and by that time you have learned about all te fish you can find in safe shallows, including gasopods & rabit rays, Stalkers, and Sandsharks. You meet up with the oth…

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  • LeonTheDoge

    YUSSS! IT'S ON~ X3

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  • Jmoo369


    April 2, 2016 by Jmoo369

    The kid in me awoken when I noticed we could click on the home screen of Subnautica to make time guys!

    Any other easter eggs or fun stuff you've discovered in the game?

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  • Raptorbae

    To make up for me accidentally turning off my computer before I checked what kind of glitchyness happened, I've taken some pictures from the previous 8-hour leave-the-game-paused-and-come-back-later-event and posted them here. Enjoy!

    Here we see two Doomerangs in their natural habitat. 

    One has a tail and the other one has collapsed into a singularity.

    This one looks like it's smiling.

    Here we see a large polygon-flower like growth. coming out of a spadefish.


    Imagine yourself returning to your base after gathering resources. Everything is going great until nightfall... That's when THIS thing jumps out and tries to bite your head off. 

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  • Raptorbae

    After leaving the game paused for at least 8 hours, stuff started to go crazy.

    This is only the beginning of all of the glitchiness. I'm going to leave the game paused over night and see what else happens.

    EDIT: I forgot to check the game and accidentaly turned off my computer. I'm going to try to leave it running again all night and come back tomorrow to see what happens.

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  • BIG Michael Slv

    After the update that made that very cool bluish water animation the graphics at my computer became so bad and I can't even see what is behind the water.

    After that it become so glitchy and laggy, Sorry I couldn't take a screenshot because the game wasn't responding.

    After that happened I closed my Computer and tried to open it again but it was still the same thing!

    I want to know if this was because of maybe a bad quality card OR maybe a bug in my game, I don't know tell me!

    And if you have the same problem I have please tell me I would like to see if there are people that have it like me and tell me your opinion,

    a Bug in my game OR a bad computer quality.

    There's my PC info: 

    .Windows 8.1 Pro

    .64-bit operating system, x64-based processor


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  • Raptorbae

    Here we have a sandshark with an odd growth coming out of its head.

    This strange mass of polygons appears to be glowing, which might be partially caused by bioluminescent parts of the sandshark.

    This variation of class 1 glitch transformations will have to be put into a new category called class 1-A glitch transformations (unrecognizable shape attached to an otherwise normal object).

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  • Koosh91


    Hello, I think I have found something juicy under the Aurora. You know that the first Lost River area 1 is being developed next to the Blood Kelp Zone, well, I think that another area is being developed as well. First, please take a look at the Aurora on this map: [1] (Look where the Aurora would be and unfortunately the picture couldn't be inserted). You will see that the Lost River is planned to go under the Aurora. Well, what I found ended just on in the edge of the Grand Reef and it started just under the front of the Aurora. Have a look at these photos:

    So, what do you think?

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  • Raptorbae

    Everyone has probably experienced at least one graphical glitch while playing Subnautica. So, for no particular reason whatsoever I've decided to come up with a way of classifying them. This list shall be updated if I discover anything new.

    This class includes shapes that do not resemble a model in the game. An example would be a scanner warping into a pile of melted polygons.

    A variation of class 1, this class includes objects with "glitch growths." An example listed down bellow is a sandshark that is mostly normal looking except for the odd growth on its head.

    This class includes objects warping into another recognizable object's shape. An example would be a scanner morphed into the shape of a spadefish.

    This class includes massively sized g…

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