• IzumiP

    Honestly, you should not have to kill these monsters, it would lend nothing, you never have to kill any large animals, just catch small ones, The stalker's DROP Teeth by biting metal, The crabsnakes drop nothing, you just have to avoid them, Reaper's, Reefbacks, Gasopod's, Sand Sharks, Bone sharks, still nothing, Why would they drop something? Subnautica does NOT condone violence, so what there are large monsters? Sometimes you need a challenge in games. We have already ruined a lot of the planet with Radiation and a massive star ship touching down, that had no weapons, since it didn't need weapons, it was sent to colonize, not destroy everything in the immediate area, Knives are for cutting food and removing stuff like twigs and leaves, n…

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  • Haunted Hunter

    Does anyone hate reaper leviathans? is anyone just plain scared of them?  

    if the devs are reading this, please, just make them easily killable!

    add at least one weapon solely ment for killing , like base turrets or something 

    I know they can be killed, but it is really time consuming and dangerous! there needs to be a balance beetween strength and health!

    comment back if you agree

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  • Koosh91

    Can we create pages that are about Stalagmites and Stalactites? Some people get confused and I think that this will help them...

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  • MatthewDubya

    Subnautica Merchandise

    November 10, 2015 by MatthewDubya

    I really want Subnautica merchandise cause i would like posters and clothing mabye cause i really support the game and it would be cool to have some stuff for the game and it is my favorite game ever and it would be cool to have stuff for the game to support it.

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  • Cyanaukki

    I just recently tried out a hull breach at the Cyclops and it was really cool, it flipped over and I could barely move through it and repair.

    It happens quite rarely though and I would love to see more ways such a thing could happen to the Cyclops or even to Seabases e.g. certain types of Fauna being able to breach through the hull or fragile spots like windows or being able to defend yourself against these attacks by reinforcements.

    Thinking further, I had the Idea that maybe small kind of Fauna could even enter the Seabase/Cyclops after it's breached, it would maybe make the Bulkhead a little more useful but that's also maybe a little too much fantasy.

    Me personaly, I'd love to see these things in Subnautica but I'd also like to know what o…

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    I just made a small study about the Day/Night cycle in the game and in different biomes as well as it's influence on solar panels, and about the Seamoth Solar Charger.

    First thing first: the Day/Night cycle. I don't know if this has been done before, so anyway here are my finding:

    • A full Day/Night cycle lasts 20 min. It starts from 0 to 1, when it reach 1 it goes back to 0 (so 0=1, same as midnight in real life)
    • The D/N cycle has an influence on the sunlight as follow
      • From 0 to 0.25 the sunlight increases to reach 1 at the surface, so the light quantity increases during the first 5min of each ingame day.
      • From 0.25 to 0.75 the sunlight is constant, has a value of 1 at the surface. You always have 10 min of maximum light each ingame day.
      • From 0.75 …
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  • Koosh91

    Alphabetical order...

    September 21, 2015 by Koosh91

    The alphabetical order in this wiki is a disgrace.

    Pages that get new names like:

    Jeweled Disk - Table Coral

    Barnacle Suckers - Tree Leech

    Scrap Metal - Metal Salvage

    Ball Clusters - Treespawn

    All get changed on certain pages, but the alphabetical order is still untouched. This wiki needs to polish up on its alphabetical order...

    - Koosh91

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  • El Lindo

    On the Reaper Leviathan page, it says that the Reaper has the ability to kill a Reefback, although I've tested this by spawning Reapers and Reefbacks within very close proximity and after a little while of observation, the Reapers seemed to leave the Reefbacks alone and none were killed. Can anyone confirm this with a screenshot or something? Because if not we may want to remove that statement from the Reaper Leviathan page.

    - El Lindo

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  • My own ass


    December 2, 2015 by My own ass

    i just bought it, it is awesome :)

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  • Koosh91

    Screen Stupidity 2

    October 3, 2015 by Koosh91

    This is about Wikia's stupid set-out, again.

    I can't even add photos, links, templates etc. to pages. How do you contact the Wikia staff to wake them up or change your screen size?

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