• RoseHydra

    You can be fauna, flora, coral, tool, veichle, a survivor, precusor base, precusor tech, PDA, even a precusor!

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  • King Sea Dragon

    (Sorry about the title, it is really called "Biome Challenge!")

    If the developers said you could add your own biome to Subnautica, what would you create? What fauna and flora will live there? What harvesting nodes would you add? Where is it located? What vehicle would be most appropriate to explore it?

    Optional: What kind of leviathan (make your own) lives there? What does the biome look like? Draw a picture.


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  • King Sea Dragon

    If you could make a vehicle, what would it be? Will it be small, medium, or huge? What is it's name? What can it do?

    Optional: What upgrades can you give it? Draw a picture.

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  • Cobalt Sea

    What ideas do you have for an expansion to Subnautica other than the arctic.

    Here are some of mine. Enjoy!

    • Degasi DLC where you play as Bart torgal.
    • Antarctic DLC (Original I know)
    • Island DLC where you crash on a large island.
    • Foreigner DLC where you play as an alien exploring the VERY antient (before the precusors) planet.
    • Precursor DLC where you play as the one precursor that we have a life record of. (or another but whatever...)

    Comment your ideas below!

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  • Jarfai

    One:More Shipwrecks basiclly some wrecks of previous crashed ships and more wrecks of the aurora.

    Two:More decorations like posters miniture ship models of other /\ ships that wrecked on the planet.


    Three:More food and drinks like soda and the food choices on the cafeteria menu.

    Four:Precursor bases and remains the remains idea so we can see what they couldve looked like and usable precursor tools

    Five:Sunbeam Wreck In the base game area after it explodes(it is optional)the wreck also couldve had unique items on it when Kaboomed like

    Six:PDA Battery starts at 80% to charge it you can make PDA Batterys (already in blueprint menu so make it at s…

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  • Shovel the Spadefish

    The Last Survivor is my newest blog, and sorry I have been on a hiatus for a while. Anyway, the story of the story is about the before-the-crash and after-the-crash. Enjoy!

    I just boarded this Aurora. Amazing. Beautiful. I have recently been assigned my locker and my own room. We were are suppose to do something to a planet. I forgot.

    Today, I have done my morning-list. Wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on my glasses, ect, ect. But, I realized that Jimm, a good friendo f mine, he was gone. I asked a local security officer and he said that he was put in a temporary jailing because he stole %20 from Ani down the hall. I also realized the EXO-SUIT LOAD was locked off, mainly because me and Jimmy went in there for alot of fun rides, and …

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  • ActiveNOW

    Arctic DLC Ideas

    May 22, 2018 by ActiveNOW

    I have 3 ideas I want to share that I like (and are not stupid). Developers, take these into consideration...

    1. Prawn Arm: Quickdrill Arm

    Now, I know what the developers are thinking. "There is already a drill arm, and we don't need another one!". But the Quickdrill is actually a mod station item you can craft. The Quickdrill will make drilling much faster, so you can drill something like titanium, and run away quickly from a leviathan. I recommend lithium and diamond in the recipe, but developers, think of any recipe you want.

    2. Habitat Room: Koi Pond

    The Koi Pond is a kind of alien containment that can house 150 fauna and 50 flora. You can edit fish names through the koi pond, and it will allow you to hatch leviathan eggs (don't have to do…

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  • Donojay

    What fauna?

    June 2, 2018 by Donojay

    Please add the following features: How big, What class, Diet, The look, Behavior, etc.

    So have fun!

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  • Pedro the peeper

    come and draw your things and ill rate them on three factors. Creativity, Attention To Detail and last but not least,your inspiration. weather it be from early concept art or some brand new fish you think would fit in the game

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  • Cocooa

    subnautica the book 2

    May 17, 2018 by Cocooa

    In the previous two months, I was a passenger in the Aurora, but we had an unknown cause for hull failure.  I got into lifepod 8 and ejected from the Aurora. The Aurora crashed on a water planet only made of water and barely any land.  I also crashed with my lifepod on this planet, so far, I got some excellent progress. I got a lot of things to learn about this planet, but I will learn new things in time.  I don’t know much about this planet, but for now, I’m busy surviving. I adventure into the ocean for a week and found 2 seamoth pieces. I also found a piece of the prawn suit MK ||.


    “beep beep.”

    “Oooh a new message.”

    Radio: “This is lifepod seventeen speaking!  We were doing okay, but we were attacked, and now the fabric…

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