• Golby Face!

    So hello there! My name is golby face (as you might have knowen by now) and I have a.. another blog ._. Yeah i sould probebly take a break but anyway! Here are some of my ideas for the Arctic Biome! lets get started!


    • Salt Deposit (NaCl)
    • Silver Ore (Ag)

    • Tempature: 5 --> -30 °C
    • Depth: 0 - 854 meters
    • Grue Clusters growing onto icebergs
    • Fog: a ligtish blue
    • Seabed filled with deep schroom and other flora and coral species

    More are comming soon soooooo i dunno. Do what you want! my name is Golby Face! (Again) And i'll see you later dudes! Good bye!! (i'm using to many exclamation marks xD)

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  • Tick522

    Need help (again)

    February 1, 2018 by Tick522

    so everybody knows that subnatica is fully released/

    but im on xbox one and i dont have the full release

    do i have to download or something?

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  • FrostBane Lives

    Roleplay Discord

    January 24, 2018 by FrostBane Lives
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  • SnowSpawn

    oh god help me

    January 27, 2018 by SnowSpawn

    So, i was messing around with console commands and i, well... i kinda spawned 500 cute fishes... and they wont stop following me around and i cant seem to kill them... i really need help...

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  • Gregdge2

    final version, really?

    January 29, 2018 by Gregdge2

    Hello there,

    I have been playing Subnautica on a Mac for a while now and i was expecting a final release. It is still January 18 with a number behind (something 83) that didn't change after the final countdown, with still plenty of bugs (like the seamoth sinking through the ocean floor) and I wonder. I bought the pre-release. do I have to buy it again? Or the Mac version is not finished yet?

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  • Ciarasteina

    To Acituanbus...

    January 24, 2018 by Ciarasteina

    I found your time capsule... THANKS!

    You said you wanted to be informed if found.

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  • Tick522

    subnatica launch

    January 24, 2018 by Tick522

    so i was in school during the launch livstream so i dident catch most of it

    can you guys tell me what happened and stuff. Please

    thAnk you

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  • Geoffrey1989

    to funny joke

    January 25, 2018 by Geoffrey1989

    thanks funny joke for the good laug

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  • Rafazokabr

    Well, i already found the time capsule, all vehicles, a bug that you can clip trough the ship and see inside, ghost leviathan and probably all portals, included the one under the sea.

    I think I'm just really addicted to this game.

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  • Mecha Leo

    If anyone ever finds that drone be sure to let me know...

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