• Ideas are awesome

    We are all wanting to see this new Arctic dlc come out, but what would you want to add,I want your ideas for the Arctic and I want to showcase my art for those ideas... my art may be the best, and if you don’t like it tell me.

    Here is art for the arctic creatures:

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  • BlackF0xtheorist

    This is just a thoery for the Precursors and how they might have an appearance in the Arctic DLC.

    If the developers havent implimented them into the game already, then theres a possibility that they might put them in the upcoming DLC, The Arctic. Because if you pay attention when you go through the Precursor bases and go through the information logs, they said that they had to abandon the bases due to Enzyme 42 ..but it never said that they left Planet 4546B. And theoretically if they are smart enough to build such advanced structures, weapons, and robots, then they must've knew to move to a colder location hoping that Enzyme 42 cant survive in cold, so they might be there alive, OR they were killed by the Gargantuan Leviathan and there will remain…

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  • Golby Face!

    Just a warning but, i finaly have a discord..... y..y....yaiy?

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  • Cocooa

    subnautica the movie

    April 8, 2018 by Cocooa

    this cant be deleted so i wrote this

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  • SeaDragonLeviathan123

    when exploring the lava lakes, does the sea dragon ever just kill you? no, not with its attacks, but this way.

    Lets assume no base nearby.

    in a P.R.A.W.N suit or a Cyclops.

    • exploring area*
    • sea dragon comes up and wrecks your prawn/cyclops/both.*

    it really sucks because the oxygen warning kind of taunts you.

    • swimming to the exit*

    PDA: 30 seconds.

    • swims to biome that base is in*

    PDA: Beep beep, oxygen.

    • drowns*


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  • Zoopster

    Miscellaneous Tips

    April 7, 2018 by Zoopster


    ·         Northern route (Underwater Islands ) is the best. Approximately 1000m west of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform . Cave entrance is just south of the wreckage of Lifepod 2 . This route has the fewest enemies, is fairly navigable in the Cyclops , and is rich with drillable ore essential for upgrades (gold , silver , copper , uraninite , lead, and more ) as well as plenty of minerals and gems you can just pick up from the sea floor. Also offers the most direct route to the Giant Cove Tree . A ghost leviathan patrols in the main chamber but can be safely bypassed in Seamoth or Prawn Suit if you stay to the left hand side going in. It may notice your Cyclops though, so a Cyclops Shield Generator is a good ide…

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  • DrPie27

    My Main Base

    April 23, 2018 by DrPie27
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  • Zoopster

    Reactor Tips

    April 4, 2018 by Zoopster
    • All reactors have a power capacity, or "reservoir". This is the total power they have available for immediate use. 
      • When that reservoir is reduced by equipment draining it, the reactor immediately starts to replenish it by consuming whatever fuel source it uses. The fuel will continue to be consumed until the reactor’s maximum capacity is reached again, or the fuel source runs out.
      • If the reactor's capacity is at maximum with nothing draining it, NO FUEL is consumed. 

    • Things like Battery Charger , Power Cell Charger , Scanner Room , exterior light fixtures, and vehicles docked and charging in the Moonpool will draw from the reactor's power capacity. Using the Fabricator or Modification Station will as well. Also, be aware that the Water Filtr…

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  • Gamerpro25

    subnautica game play

    April 7, 2018 by Gamerpro25

    to day i figured out if you spawn 5 reapers you will go flying i did it and got out of the map gamer pro signing off see you next time bye 

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  • DrPie27

    Justin's log 2

    April 4, 2018 by DrPie27

    Justin's log, it's been five days and still no sign of Clyde, i've given up on searching for him, instead i've taken up the task of trying to find that tower that shot us down. Whike searching for Clyde i've seen human-like creatures with warping abilitys approaching and attacking creatures with green patches on their skin, I thnk they are trying to eradicate an infection, but while observing one of them, after their kill, it stared at me from the corner of its eye for a second, then teleported away, i'll preform a self-scan in the morning to make sure i'm not infected too, justin.

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