• Miscergoo the Cuddlefish


    June 13, 2018 by Miscergoo the Cuddlefish

    What are the craziest encounters you have had in Subnautica? Once I was driving around in my Seamoth, looking for a wreck. It’s crush depth was 200, so I had to leave my Seamoth a bit away. I started swimming towards the wreck, and then I saw a Warper. I hid in the wreck, and the Warper wandered under it. He could have easily gotten me by swimming up, or even warping. The dummy just floated there, staring into the distance. I scanned a nearby power transmitter fragment, and then realized I should scan the Warper. I scanned it, and then realized that I was low on Oxygen. I quickly brushed past the Warper, but it didn’t seem to notice me. I jumped in my Seamoth as my Oxygen hit 0. I went back to my base, and checked to see if the Invisible …

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  • King Sea Dragon

    If you could make a leviathan in the game, what would you create? Where does it live? Is it hostile or passive? What can you do to avoid it? What is it's name?

    Optional: Draw a picture. 

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  • King Sea Dragon

    Welcome to my Spongebob/Subnautica crossover. This will have 6 chapters in total.

    KRABS: Get to work, Spongebob!

    SPONGEBOB: Aye,aye!

    (whistle sound plays)

    (PATRICK enters the Krusty Krab)

    SQUIDWARD: Can I help you?

    PATRICK: I would like a..a..uhhh...uhhh....uhhh...

    (1 hour later)

    PATRICK: uhhhh.......uhhhhh....


    KRABS: SQUIDWARD, what are you doing!?

    SQUIDWARD: but...uh..uh..uh-

    SPONGEBOB: Ohhhh... what do we have here? 

    KRABS: Is it Plan- wait, that's not Plankton!

    SPONGEBOB: It a cube!

    (mystery sound plays)

    SQUIDWARD: Look!

    (everyone turns to see a precursor portal)

    KRABS: There is only one way to find out, lad.

    SQUIDWARD: But how do you turn it on? It just seems like a hunk of junk to- WHOOPS!

    (cube flies t…

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  • Donojay

    The New Crash

    June 2, 2018 by Donojay
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  • Wittkat101

    Lego Subnautica

    June 6, 2018 by Wittkat101

    xXSubnauticaLegoXx is a user on Lego Ideas and he has created some amazing models that with your support can become fully fledged Lego sets. (I do not represent xXSubnauticaLegoXx, I am just a fan). If you want to see the photos click in the links and here is a link to xXSubnauticaLegoXx's '''page:

    Our lone survivor has been stranded on Planet 4546B for many months and has grown accustomed to the ocean world.  He has built a massive underwater base in the deep biome known as the Grand Reef, which is rich with edible flora and fascinating fauna.  In his cozy home, our diver has furnished every room and personalized it to his liking, displaying different trinkets from his many adventur…

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  • Nova227

    Mmm I shall not post now but feel free to comment if u can bout ideas on what i can do like experiments and stuff so i will post that kind of stuff New on des wiki if you are looking for bagels edit the warper page with some interesting fact or picture or maby a gif/vid for 4 badges cool hey

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  • Miscergoo the Cuddlefish


    June 13, 2018 by Miscergoo the Cuddlefish

    I am Miscergoo (This is only so I can get an achievement)

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  • Captain Geff


    June 12, 2018 by Captain Geff


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  • Cthulhupepe

    Emergency protocols

    June 12, 2018 by Cthulhupepe

    Vehicle: Cyclops

    Name: "Coalescence"

    depth: 1054m

    -Power source has been affected and Emergency protocols have been initiated-

    Robot announcer: "Emergency power only, oxygen production offline"

    me: "why THE @!&% do emergency protocols route power to robot voices and screen displays instead of breathable AIR!"

    (gameplay wise its cool but i found it amusing none the less)

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  • King Sea Dragon

    Last Calls

    June 4, 2018 by King Sea Dragon


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