• Fireblade15


    February 13, 2018 by Fireblade15

    Subnautica. We've watched it on YouTube and some of us have played it. The graphics are incredible, the diversity of life is amazing, the views are breathtaking, the story is engaging and the world is massive; the ability to explore the environment, salvage materials, gather supplies and build an underwater base is both practical and fun. But the one category I think is missing from the game altogether is weapons. You can sneak around all day long, but what are you supposed to do when stealth isn't an option?

    In the game, there seems to be no thought given to weapons of any significance. As the sole survivor from your crashed ship, you can't reasonably be expected to protect yourself in a given situation using just your brain and you can on…

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  • Tick522

    New base peices

    February 5, 2018 by Tick522

    so i wanted to make a blog on all my ideas for new base peices.

    feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.

    1 Power generator.

    this would be like the old one in the early stages of the game.( i dont know the name of it) you would put 4 power cells i  it this time instead of 6 and you would place it outside your base i think the recipe would be: power cell + power cell + power cell + Power cell + titanium + silver.

    2 diaganol corridor.

    so everybody knows there are 4 sides of the multipurpose room that you cant attach corridors to. so this would be the same as the regular I corridor just it would be able to attach diagonally to a multipurpose room it would have the same recipe: Titanium + Titanium.

    3 large alien containment.

    so this would be a…

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  • Khirman


    February 6, 2018 by Khirman

    I visited the Aurora, and why is there non-functioning science equipment?

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  • Schmeplabep

    I just entered the Primary Containment Facility without having a Blue Tablet :(

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  • Flitzyeffecty

    Base Download?

    February 5, 2018 by Flitzyeffecty

    Anyone have a base that is op and is full of stuff? If you do can u send a downlaod link plez.

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  • Khirman


    February 11, 2018 by Khirman

    OK peeps, this is a list of some compiled theories. These are NOT my own theories. Theories that are made by A FANDOM User are unmarked.

    1. Fishrus: Precursors use teleporters made by precursors to help them go biome to biome. The ones marked will also be where the juveniles end up.

    2. Warpers are genetically engineered Precursors - an extreme solution to an extreme problem; What cyborgs are to humans, Warpers are to Precursors.

    3. Marty1233223: I think the dead zone crater is a bomb site from where the first traces of the carar were found by the precursors and the tried to destroy it with a bomb

    4. BippityBop: Kharaa isn't from this planet.

    4 Theories by Zadagr:

    5. Reaper Leviathans were not indigenous to the surface and either the radiation of…

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  • Flitzyeffecty

    Post a download for your bases down below for others to check out!

    Here is one of my bases ~

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  • Flitzyeffecty

    Lmk what base you want me to build and i will try to do my best on it

    i will send you a download link when im done 

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  • Efq4721

    Subnautica Xbox One Updates

    February 3, 2018 by Efq4721

    I haven’t bought the Xbox One preview of Subnautica so I want to know that if I buy the way it is now, will I have to buy it again when the full release comes out or will it just give me an update?

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  • 2dum4name

    I was editing the site for Benzene and hit the publish button. While it was loading i switched from Source Mode to Visual Mode what resulted in completely messing up the entire page. Somebody more skilled than me must fix this now and the developers of FANDOM should fix this bug. I'm sorry for causing any trouble.
    The link is:

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