• Miscergoo the Cuddlefish

    Miscergoo pressed the button. He recognized immediately the noises. It was Warpers communicating. Using a salvaged translator, he could tell that they were talking about conquest.

    Miscergoo: That makes no sense! We signed a treaty with the warpers 5 months ago.

    Miscergoo spring off of the bench he had been laying on. He swam through the interior of the Cyclops he lived in.

    Miscergoo yelled into a garbage can and heard a clanging. Soon his cousin, Japeth, popped out. Japeth lived in a tunnel that could be accessed via miscergoo’s garbage can. Japeth was a baby, but a huge prankster. Miscergoo went to a multipurpose room he had been using as a workshop. He had been working on his experiment for months, but it was almost finished. With Japeth’s …

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  • King Sea Dragon

    Hey guys, i'm back for more after two weeks of absence! I just wanted to make some quick updates about what will happen during the school year on the wiki.

    1. I will be working on WIP blogs way more often, but my focus is currently this blog.
    2. As school is coming, I may be less actice than I currently am.
    3. I am planning on making a sub-account of Pilgor, and have this account and that one interact with each other.

    Thanks for you view of this blog!

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  • JoHipo123
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  • The Only Peeper Leviathan

    The Warper moved in and tried to use their telekinesis to trap the peeper on the table, but it didnt work, somehow, and then started speaking, the rough translation of what it said was "DIE PEEPER DIE" and it warped the peeper into a tank with a reaper. when the peeper (who is unnamed at the time, as he had just been born) and the reaper  (who is also unnamed at the time, as he had just been born) both teleported into the tank and when this happend an accident which was not meant happend... the peepers DNA was mixed with the reapers DNA... creating... the First Peeper Leviathan. TO BE CONTINUED....

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  • Fiveleafcloverthecuddlefish

    ???: he's hatching

    ???:I can already tell he's going to be a strong warrior

    5: mommy daddy

    Mother: I think we should name you fiveleafclover

    Father: 5 for short

    Father:5 are you ready to become a warrior and protect the cuddlefish of Earth from humans

    5:yes Dad I'm ready to become a warrior

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  • King Sea Dragon

    I think most wikis NEED a to-do list. Why not this one?

    Yes or no?

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  • King Sea Dragon

    He's here!

    July 19, 2018 by King Sea Dragon

    Thanks for all your'e guys support so he could hatch!

    I'll think ill name him...Pilgor.

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  • JoHipo123

    See you all tommorow

    July 13, 2018 by JoHipo123
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  • Gunner76

    Cyclopes Mobile Base

    August 10, 2018 by Gunner76

    I am trying to convert my cyclopes into a mobile base. I have a major question. If i have a fabricator, med kit fabricator, a battery charger and 2 power cell chargers, would I have to worry about my current power cells losing charge faster due to the items being used? If you have any answers pls let me know.

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  • DerpLord12

    Back at it again!

    July 21, 2018 by DerpLord12

    This is DerpLord.

    Hellos! I am trying to get back to the subnautica wiki instead of just glitching and fooling around with subnautica, because I need something to DO nowadays. Ill post more crazy ideas for the devs to put on a dartboard and do ridiculous Blog posts for people to read a bit more now.  Seeyas, DerpLord

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