• Dr Oustralius

    EXHIBIT A: "It can only support microscopic and leviathan-class" Then how do they eat if there is not enough food to support their giant system?

    EXHIBIT B: Why are there ghost leviathans there in the first place? I know they were made to scare you out of the void but really, I am more scared of the sea dragon because they are more powerful.

    EXHIBIT C: Same as A, just with microscopic they should NOT be able to exist. its just....animal logic

    EXHIBIT D: IGP got it wrong, I'm sure plenty of people are crazy (Like me) for finding the end of the void.

    EXHIBIT E: What is the story about it? How was it created? is it time I learn about death? find out TODAY! 1: volcano went kablamo and killed everything like the dinosaurs and somehow created a entir…

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  • Fireblade15


    February 13, 2018 by Fireblade15

    Subnautica. We've watched it on YouTube and some of us have played it. The graphics are incredible, the diversity of life is amazing, the views are breathtaking, the story is engaging and the world is massive; the ability to explore the environment, salvage materials, gather supplies and build an underwater base is both practical and fun. But the one category I think is missing from the game altogether is weapons. You can sneak around all day long, but what are you supposed to do when stealth isn't an option?

    In the game, there seems to be no thought given to weapons of any significance. As the sole survivor from your crashed ship, you can't reasonably be expected to protect yourself in a given situation using just your brain and you can on…

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  • Dr Oustralius

    1: What is the Quarantine Enforcement Platform? : it is most likely the first Precursor  base you will discover on your adventure. It holds the power of 4 atomic bombs, thats how it destroyed a ship such as the Aurora.

    2: How does it work?: There are a few theories i have thought of at the last minute.

    T1: it converts the power of the Ion Crystal into a single, destructive, beam.

    T2: the Power Core inside it could be drawing power from the Ion Crystal Node located in the Primary Research Facility/Thermal Plant. 

    3: What can be located inside of it? Purple tablet's Ion Crystal's

    Sorces: my brain. none of this was copied from anything (That i know of)

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  • Schmeplabep

    I already got the gantry and the boosters!

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  • KraDannyK

    subnautica story

    February 13, 2018 by KraDannyK

    I made this just for anyone who plays subnautica. I'm still working on it and you guys can tell me if you want to see more. :)

    At this time in life the earth was inhabitable. Most species were extinct, and the others were either in containment or on your food tray. Alterra Corp. just launched their new ship the Aurora to planet 4546b. Some crew members were in Ozzy's cafeteria, like Jochi Khasar and Danby. Everyone else was in their rooms or in the zero-G room, except for Ryley Robinson.

    Ryley was always a quiet man, kept everything to himself. Ryley was a good man but he could never stop thinking, thinking about the dangers in space, or thinking about what other planets. Sometimes he would go to Officer Keen and warn him about the dan… Read more >
  • Palidian7

    Post V1.0 polish

    February 13, 2018 by Palidian7

    While I am very excited for the upcoming Expansion Pack, I think that Subnautica could really benefit from some small additions to the main game in order to add a little more depth to the world and gameplay. One thing I've seen in a lot of critical reviews for Subnautica is a lot of praise for creatures interacting with the environment. People love that the fauna actually interact with their surroundings and fellow creatures; biters attack other fish, stalkers scavenge metal, and different prey fish actually have different swim speeds/patterns that reflect their PDA entries. But there is less of that complexity with plant life and physical objects.

    I personally strive to find every microscope and fluid analyzer I can, but they do little oth…

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  • Schmeplabep

    I just entered the Primary Containment Facility without having a Blue Tablet :(

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  • LevCTT

    Navigating Subnautica

    February 16, 2018 by LevCTT

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I recently beat Subnautica. I was frustrated by the lack of information, or incorrect information. A lot of the Youtube Videos I found for Subnautica, were for the early release days. It was hard to find up to date information.

    I am not good at communicating but, I decided to try. I created recordings to show how to Navigate Subnautica. I think the route I planned out, is good enough for speed runs. I want to share those recordings with you all so that you may benefit from my work. Best of luck!

    Material Run Part 1:

    Material Run Part 2:

    Material Run Part 3:

    Story Navigation Part 1: https://yout…

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  • Spaceexplorer121

    Hello people of the Subnautica Wiki. I just had a problem where the game isn't working. When I open the game, there is a black screen. I found a way how to fix that, and the steps are very easy. First, open Steam (And login if you have to), then go to your game library. After, right click, or left click if you do, then you see a list next to your cursor. Then go to the bottom of the list, then press "Properties". After, go to "Local Files", and press "Verify Intergrity Of Game Files". It may take a while for it to fix it. Then it says that a # of files are blah blah blah. Then, it is fixed. I hope this is very helpful to the people who love Subnautica!

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  • Joonoothoon

    Subnautica Crashing

    February 16, 2018 by Joonoothoon


    I have a really good Subnautica survival world at the moment, and I have been playing it for a few weeks now. But in order to get it working I had to stop it from crashing. And as I had no worlds the method I tried was "-forced3d9". And it worked!

    I was able to build a base and All of the vehicles until I forgot about it crashing.

    But all of a sudden today it started acting up again, so I retyped the code into the launch options, and cleared the caches (which is a silly temporary fix) I even reinstalled the game, and nothing seems to work. I doubt the problem would have to do with terraforming too.

    So, I can play the game with it crashing at regular intervals (but that's no fun), or I can keep trying to fix it. If anyone would like to h…

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