• Donojay

    The New Precursors

    June 30, 2018 by Donojay

    WARNING, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. THIS HAS NOT BEEN ADDED AND WILL NEVER BE, also it's a Subnautica story with me, Miscergoo, Pedro the peeper, and King Sea Dragon (Chicxili).

    DONOJAY: Chicxili? Do you think Miscergoo is coming?

    KING SEA DRAGON: I think so.

    ME: You sure?

    CHICXILI: Yeah.

    ME: Okay, fine but if he doesn't come I don't think it will happen.

    CHICXILI: What?

    ME: You know what I mean

    CHICXILI: Oh yeah yeah yeah the-

    ME: I hear something.

    CHICXILI: Can I eat it?

    ME: What if it's Miscergoo?

    ???: Sure is!

    ME: Oh hey Miscergoo!

    CHICXILI: Told you so!

    ME: Shut up.

    (Chicxili starts laughing)

    ME: So Miscergoo, have you heard of he Kyuketsuki Ritual.

    MISCERGOO: Nope, absoloutly not why would I?

    ME: Talk to him about it Chicxili.

    (Chicxili stops laughing and sta…

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  • Donojay

    The Aftermath

    June 23, 2018 by Donojay

    To let you know, This was not implemented and never will be and it was an idea for Chicxili's crossover's 6th chapter.

    thought it would not happen, but it did. King Sea Dragon never knew this but I was his cousin, who was supposed to betray him and kill him but I denied that Peeper's order, he said that I needed to bring out himself so I did buthe said to then have Sea Dragon eat him, so he could summon the titan leviathan is King Sea Dragon's stomach but I never did, instead I caged him in a enamled glass cube and then I put in King Sea Dragon's dungeon. Later the Cuddlefish, Miscergoo started talking to the wierd people that somehow teleported to our dimension through some sort of "time machine" they say but they really got to our dimen…

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  • King Sea Dragon

    Home Again

    July 1, 2018 by King Sea Dragon

    4 creatures:




    And Pedro:

    But we all wonder: How did it all start?

    Today, It will be revealed.

    The mystery of the classified section.

    The start of the war.

    All the missing bits put together.

    Now, for the first time, 4 worlds collide!

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  • Skilfularcher

    Role play

    June 28, 2018 by Skilfularcher

    This is for the pedro the peeper and king sea dragon's role play.

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  • King Sea Dragon

    (Sorry I wasn't very active yesterday btw)

    Welcome! I just created my own wiki for my fan fiction story. Here is the link:

    The wiki

    Welcome joiners: Donojay, BippityBop (for logical purposes), Pedro.

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  • King Sea Dragon

    I am back! And to celebrate, a new series has been launched! In this series, me and other wiki buddies will be exploing the depths of Planet 4546B. This is the first title in the series, called The Twisted Chips. At minimum this story will have 4 chapters.

    The entire world of 4546B is at risk. A new discovery of the so-called "Twisted Chips" has just doomed us all. While the objects are wrecking havoc all over the world, Me and Donojay have to stop it.

    DONOJAY: What are we going to do?

    ME: I don't know, but we need to get out of here. The secret Lava Empire, the Crater Edge! Anywhere away from this breaking world.

    DONOJAY: What will we do?

    ME: We need to find these chips, and fast! Otherwise, the entire planet will be destroyed.

    DONOJAY: Well...…

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  • Ghostleviathan123


    June 29, 2018 by Ghostleviathan123

    If you guys are reading this, probably ,you watched the "movie" Pacific rim,part 1 or part 2,it really doesn't matter, so what I really want to talk about is in the movie,the Kaiju comes out of the breach and goes pyscho(not really) but who were sending them.The aliens called Precursors.The same kind of creatures that accidently spread the Karaa virus in the game Subnautica.So what do you do think about this topic?well,that's it, and by the way this my first blog.I hope you like it.

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  • Crazyjeff3000

    Arctic DLC

    June 26, 2018 by Crazyjeff3000


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  • King Sea Dragon

    Is this article secure?


    Alright. We have heard reports of a rouge -------- who calls himself ------------. Would you agree?


    Verify. Evidence:

    • The rouge is active on the ---------.
    • The rouge can access secret Subnautica files.

    Alright. What is the creature code of the fauna?

    • 74823924
    • 37180203
    • 59376349 <

    Alright, the password to deactivate the rouge is-


    Type in theories below.

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  • King Sea Dragon

    Here are some ideas for the Arctic DLC.

    • Terraformer (Hotshovel, don't ban me for saying this)

    So I bought the game in stable mode, but when I learned about the debug commands, I immediently went to get this tool. It's so fascinating to use, as you carve the terrain. However, there are two flaws:

    1. The "Terraformer" name sounds wrong.
    2. The terraformer terrain is reseted every time I reload.

    So, if the terraformer IS going to be in the game (which I'm not saying it is) I want these two flaws fixed. The developers need to rename it to something like Hotshovel or Digger, just anything but Terraformer. And don't get me started on the terrain reseting.

    • Another ending for the game. Just another ending.

    And...that's all I have! (snickers)

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