• CactorDaGasopod

    Okay, I know that mine is obviously Gasopod, but cmon! Honestly, other than that, I'd say the Crabsquids! I would say Reginald, but meh. Not cool enough. Plus. I like Crabsquids. They're pretty chill. They don't get in my way too much. On my vacation to the floating island, I went too deep and wound up in the grand reef. Saw a Crabsquids. Best vacation ever. So this got me wondering, what's your favorite fauna species?

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  • GreggTheKid

    Soon as i heard about the expansion, i screamed like a fangirl because im finally gonna get some DLC!

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  • CactorDaGasopod

    My Habitat

    October 2, 2018 by CactorDaGasopod

    Ok, so I'm a neat freak. I tend to keep things as organized as possible. And this is why my base looks like this. I have three floors and 9 rooms. I'm not typing much so I could have room for pictures.

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  • JohnTAD

    Seabase Power Sources Compared

    September 19, 2018 by JohnTAD

    In all modes except Creative, Seabases require Power to operate.  A small outpost may only need enough energy to run a Scanner Room, but a large main base may require enough power to charge and operate several devices at once.  There are four different power generators in the game.  I've listed some of the pros and cons of each generator.

    Module Description Pros Cons Power
    Bioreactor Composts organic matter into electrical energy.

    Relatively Inexpinsive

    Abundant Fuel

    Easily Located Blueprint

    Power Production Requires Constant Upkeep

    Better Bio-Fuels Require Farming


    500 Capacity

    Nuclear Reactor Processes nuclear reactor rods.

    Highest Overall Power

    Extremely Efficient Fuel

    Requires Minimal Upkeep

    Fairly Rare Fuel

    Expensive to Build

    Difficult Blueprin…

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  • GreggTheKid

    Gregg VS Reaper Leviathan

    September 10, 2018 by GreggTheKid

    As we all know, Reaper Leviathans are something to fear, but this time i was not going to Fear The Reaper, The Reaper was gonna fear me. I loved my P.R.A.W.N Suit but i knew it had to have some use, fighting a 55ft Beast... As i headed to the Dunes to face my fear, my Grapple left arm and Drill Right arm was ready to go. I walked trying to cause commotion, and it worked, i heard the reaper as i fighted for my life, turns out, i won... but theres something... Theres Always A Bigger Fish...

    This is true

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  • Wtpbultman

    Hello everyone, It has come to my attention that over the past few weeks these Lego Subnautica creations have become more and more popular. So I have decided to show some of mine off.

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  • JohnTAD

    Minor early game spoilers.....

    After repairing the Aurora's drive core, the previously useful early game Radiation Suit is no longer necessary.  However, the game has two other options available to the player, the Reinforced Dive Suit and the Stillsuit. Both have their perks, but which is the right one for your play style?

    The Reinforced Dive Suit (Pictured left) has defensive benefits, provided both the main suit and gloves are worn.  The Suit will allow the Player to survive in temperatures of up to 70°C, an improvement of 20 degrees.  The suit also reduces physical damage from wild fauna by 50%, and completely deflects Tiger Plant spikes.  The only downside is that it slows swimming speed by 0.95 meters a second.

    The Stillsuit (Pictured le…

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  • CactorDaGasopod

    Aight. So in every save file for SUBNAUTICA you've had the come across a Reaper Leviathan at least once. It's physically impossible. My first encounter, would've been my last if it wasn't for some chill Gasopod over in the Crash Zone Mesas. So when I was going to the Aurora for about the second time, I ran into a Reaper. That made no sense considering the spawn was half a kilo away. Then I did idiot and trailed all the way around the Aurora, catching to more Reapers. I lost the first one but it somehow found me again and left my Seamoth at 3 HP. So I tried to escape via Kelp Forest and ran into a Gasopod in the Mesas and it saved me. Idk how or why, but two others joined in. They committed die and I got away. The end.

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  • Miscergoo the Cuddlefish

    Hello everyone. This is Miscergoo from King Sea Dragon’s Subnautica Fan Fiction Wiki. Come join and help our beautiful wiki grow! The link be hither ———> [[1]] It focuses more on the Fan Fiction side of Subnautica, and you can add anything you make up, as long as you follow the (Not strict) guidelines. If any of you remember the Great Peeper War, the Second Great Peeper War is rumored to start in 1 week!

    So come one come all to the Circus Whoops. Wrong thing. I meant to say come one come all to King Sea Dragon’s Subnautica Fan Fiction Wiki! Fireworks go off Miscergoo drops mic, jumps on a Boneshark, and rides away into the distance

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  • GreggTheKid

    I have returned!

    August 31, 2018 by GreggTheKid

    So, its been a while since i'vev talked on the Subnautica Wikipeida. Reason why? School, life, etc, but, im back and i will be more active!

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