• Skilfularcher

    there is a lot of fact about the Arctic DLC, but there is still a lot left to speculation. I made this blog post so anyone can write their theories about the arctic story line, characters, cretures, and vehicles. There are a couple bylaws though, please read them before commenting about anything.

    1. Please no Swearing, it will in all make everything not nice for younger or just in general others (like myself) that dont peticularly like swearing or reading/hearing it, thx.

    2. please be very nice and not all caps anyone (I struggle with that) because it's not very nice.

    3. the most important pls do not theorise about the Atlas, while it is cool it is way to big and the devs have already confirmed it will not be in the game.

    Thank you for readin…

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  • Righteous93

    As I am in the middle stages of the game I want to find a new base location as my old one in the shallows ain't cutting it. I want and easy access to different kinds of minerals and some lava geysers for energy. The new location should have enough space for large buildings and rooms. It should be noted that I should be able to reach the place with my seamoth as it is my favorite vehicle. Some choices I think would be nice are the tree cove,mushroom forest,underwater islands. Please leave your suggestions below btw I don't need a food supply as alien containments do the job very well. Thanks.

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  • Miguebisio2505

    I dont really know where the hell I can find them. Please help me :(

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  • Edgelord2001

    how much present of warpers do you still think is natural and not robot

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  • DottieTheAmazing

    Lava Zone

    May 13, 2018 by DottieTheAmazing

    Hey i am need of help the thing is i have my PRAWN Suit and i need to get to the lava zone but i don't know how you help me by answering this question

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  • Pizza85079

    Help Me Please

    May 5, 2018 by Pizza85079

    My Seabase Spawns me inside and say I’m outside/I can’t Get Out Help Me

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  • GreggTheKid

    I have returned from being stranded in the Artic Biome for a long time, but i found my way back!

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  • DottieTheAmazing

    Hey i am here because there is a question going around 'where are gel sacks?' well i am here to answer that they are found near lifepod 13 head there to get gel sacks and if your lucky rubys

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  • Cocooa

    subnautica the book 1

    May 4, 2018 by Cocooa

    Warning hull failure imminent all personal abandon ship, launching in 3...2...1) The aurora has suffered orbital hull failure. Cause: unknown zero human life signs detected


    (beep beep beep)

    ¨oh god, fire. need…. something to... put out. Ah the fire extinguisher.¨ Ssssshhhhhh. “Phew…. wait my PDA.¨


    PDA: ¨You have suffered a minor head trauma, this is considered an optimal outcome. This PDA is now rebooted in emergency mode with one directive, to keep you alive on an alien world.  Please refer to the databank for details and survival advice. Good luck.¨

    ¨Oh thats why. all I remember is a door. Oh just great im alone in this lifepod and its also trashed hmmm looks like the wiring is broken…. I need the repair tool hmm i n…

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  • Joshua The Sea Emperor Liviathan
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