• Sammy the saftey reaper

    Hello beautiful people of the subnautica wiki! I need your help! I have just been playing around in subnautica, exploring caves, making a seabase, and swimming around reefbacks because they are AMAZING! Now I'm infected. It is just the first stage, I got the PDA message asking me to preform a self scan. However, I have made no progression. Like, I don't even have the seamoth yet! Any help or tips on helping me to not die far far away from obtaining enzyme 42? Thanks, you are helping a survival mode noob out.

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  • SeaDragonLeviathan123

    Yeah i finally got a account YESTERDAY.

    Greetings to all of you!

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  • GamerMum68

    We all know that the Precursors were attempting to find a cure for the virus when disaster struck, in the form of a pretty p****d Sea Dragon, who released it into the general population. Realising that they had majorly screwed up, the Precursors then did the decent thing, they set up a massive gun that would happily shoot down any passing ship regardless of whether it actually wanted to land and then turned themselves into data chips so they wouldn't have to face the heat. They left a few data clues for those unfortunates stranded on the planet and then by a complete coincidence managed to scramble the location of the caches which apparently they had hidden their data chips selves away in.

    So far so good. Before they became Bits and Bytes f…

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  • MikhailMCraft

    If you go all the way to the edge of the map, the Craters Edge, the data report on it reads that the Aurora crashed on a 2km x 2km volcano, and I see a lot of pages saying things about the planet, rather than the crater. For example, the Biomes page, it says that the Lava Zone is the second deepest biome on the planet, which we don't know. I guess my real question here is: should it be changed to be second largest biome on the crater, or kept in its current form (on the planet), and why?

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  • Colbyallan


    March 1, 2018 by Colbyallan

    now we all know there is something out there

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  • GamerMum68

    Imagine being 18. Your fairly serious about gaming and see some vlogs about Subnautica, a game that promises some epic monster battles. So you load it up in creative on the pre release, kick some scaly alien butts and then have a great idea. This will scare the total crap out of your Mum, who also likes gaming but honestly is a bit of a wuss. So you call her up to have a quick go on the Xbox and she bugs out completely the first time a Reaper roars. But....... When the release date comes around she's re-thought things and decides it can't be all that bad, not really. So you get her downloading the game and sit back to enjoy the show.

    Thanks Dan, I'll take it from here.........

    So, whose actually playing this game. Well I am for one. I have t…

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  • SlimeyASAP

    First blog´ YAY

    February 27, 2018 by SlimeyASAP
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  • Jac04

    rechargement du seaglid

    February 25, 2018 by Jac04


    Je ne peux pas charger ma glace, et pourtant j'ai plein de piles et de batteries normales et de haute intensité. Je suis encore toutes les indications indiquées pour le faire
    Merci d'avance pour vos explications
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  • Flightaster683
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  • Cerezaa

    So cool I saw the Sea dragon Leviathan ! He is not very agressive. 

    as long as i'm not in his field of vision and i'm discreet ^^.

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