• CCS43215

    Bucket list

    October 18, 2017 by CCS43215

    Subnautica bucket list

    1.Kill a Reaper


    3.Kill a Crab Squid

    4.Meet a BIG fishy with telepathic powers

    5.Kill it

    6.Make a Sally (seamoth)

    7.Blow s**t up

    8.Cure my self

    9.FLY no I can't fly      SWIM  yes I can swim


    11.make rocket


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  • Jaguargamer6

    Updated the Teleporter Room Page.


    Teleporter Room

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  • Darth Tragedus

    Made another Subnautica Lego set!  I know it's been a while since I've updated my previous blog (the one with the Reaper Leviathan set and the Degasi seabase) but school has kicked into full gear and the time I have for Lego creating has substantially been reduced.  But don't worry!  I'm not quitting any time soon.  I still have so many ideas to implement to "brickify" - including *wink wink* some Precursor structures and *wink wink wink* some even bigger Leviathans than the Reaper!  

    For this set, I decided to depict the player's very first experience of Subnautica:  the crash-landing of Lifepod 5 in the middle of the Safe Shallows!  It's called "Exploring the Safe Shallows", and it has been out on Lego Ideas for about three weeks now.  I'…

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  • Golby Face!

    The Cuddle Fish has a very poor data bank entry, and I think it needs a better one. "This organism defies categorization. But it seems to like you." This could be better, so thats why i'm fanning this entry and it would probebly not get in the game.

    This organism is an unusual species found on planet 4546B.

    Penta tails: These tails are used for quick purpoltion to get away from certan predators.

    Binocular vision: this organism has a form of binocular vision, this isn't seen in many life forms on Planet 4546B.

    Extinction: This species became extinct in the wild over 1000 years ago, there is no awnser why they got so far into extinction. Possible explanations:

    • Increase of predators
    • Bacterial infections
    • Low birth rates
    • Habitat loss

    Because you discov…

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  • Tddunlap

    I wish I had had the presence of mind to screenshot but I had been playing Subnautica for five hours straight and was tired.  I was testing the dive depth I could get away at the dropoff by the tropical island where the seamoth just got blown out of the sky when I started really pushing my luck a bit and going out of oxygen 30-40 meters from the surface.  The last time I did it, I started to go black and broke the surface as usual at the last viable moment (no, I don't use any cheats it ruins the fun of getting nervous about it) and my controls froze up.  I thought it was just the occasional lag spike I get when running too many things at too high graphics so I waited patiently wondering if I had indeed died and just lost all my news toys.…

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  • Bytejumper

    Leviathan suggestions

    September 16, 2017 by Bytejumper

    My son would like to see a cuddlefish Leviathan.  He's going to draw up some sketchs in his head so we can post them later.  Also, he would like to see Leviathan eggs in the game.  He's a big fan of the game.

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  • Alexei Smirnov

    New Idea's!

    September 11, 2017 by Alexei Smirnov

    So here I am with a load of new ideas for subnautica, but no concept art on this batch though.

    First off, Warper decoy! a small colection of bio mass made from infected fauna! simply put the warper will be distracted by trying to kill this heavily infected fauna. it requires 5 of any infected small fauna and a creature egg, the purpose for the egg you may be wondering? For the warper to detect somthing living.

    ok next one!

    Hand held Traps!

    Small devices that are, well hand held. think of sea moth torpedoes, but smaller and with more variety.

    types: Vortex, gass, blood, and light.

    the vortex and gass ar a practical given, only needing 1x titanium 1x computer chip and 1x of the required ingredients, excluding the blood and light ones. 

    the effects …

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  • Siberian Subnautican

    I've noticed that on some particular pages of the Subnautica wikipedia, people have been leaving suggestions of different creatures and/or plants. And, seeing as quite a few of them are actually pretty interesting, I request that you leave a couple of them here, so I can see them. I know it probably doesn't mean too much, but I'd love to know what amazing things you can come up with. And perhaps on a few of these suggestions, I'll ask for permission to draw them. ( Please don't feel sad if I don't end up asking to draw any of your ideas. I don't have a lot of free time these days. But I'll be sure to try and make up for that by leaving a little comment on anything you might post here, if that makes anyone feel better. :) )

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  • Gogeter2004


    September 4, 2017 by Gogeter2004

    hay all good to be back ill be on more i had to get some gaming done 

    all not be a nusiens (not like i was one ) and i will do my best

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  • Golby Face!


    September 2, 2017 by Golby Face!

    This is what i think the 7000 year old skeleton would look like.

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