• DerpLord12

    The void

    June 26, 2017 by DerpLord12

    I was playing  my subnautica with my brother (not saying his name) and i went to the void. why is it so empty and is there any secrets or cool fauna? ive got to the bottem and there was litryally ONE Reginald and nothing else. pls tell me more info as i think that ir might have some real potential. :)

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  • ShigureTachibana

    IMO I think the Seamoth Needs an overhaul "The Prawn Suit too"

    they should have HUD in the Glass Like what we have in our Clopsies

    it needs more Slots .Because 4 slots aint enough and shit

    Sonar Overhaul: The Sonar Must be able to scan the wrecks

    More Gadgets:Seamoth Scanner ,Prawn Suit Laser Cutter and other shit

    that's it !

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  • Cthulhu Cthuloso

    Creature Ideas

    June 25, 2017 by Cthulhu Cthuloso
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  • Yozern

    things :)

    June 24, 2017 by Yozern

    The void devourer

    The void devourer is 1 of the celestial creatures that guards the galaxies. Sometimes it eats planets for snack and is as big as 78000 red hyper giant stars. The devourer was born out of nothing but dust.

    Galatic splicer

    The less nice one which destroys any major disturbance.

    It eats nothing...


    The grand Peeper

    it's the grand peeper

    Yozern's orb

    A magical orb that helps you.

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  • MrHalfNoobCP

    Ideas -- Part 8

    June 24, 2017 by MrHalfNoobCP

    It has come to my attention that I need more Life Form Ideas. So, this post is going to be mainly focused on Life Form Ideas.

    1. Sky Dragon. This is sort of a version of a Sea Dragon, except it flys. But don't worry! It's not something super over powered. It's more of a Sky Crashfish than a Sky Sea Dragon. It would dive bomb you if you go to the surface (0 meters deep). It would deal 45 damage to you, and, if you don't go down in another 5 seconds, it would deal 35 more damage. After that, it would just stay in the sky, creeping you out. You would find a lot of them in nesting sites, which are in above water caves, only accessible by underwater tunnels. However, if you feed a young one Peepers, it would fly above wherever you are, and dive …

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  • Domsnutt

    Newest update

    June 23, 2017 by Domsnutt

    Why is there two lifepod 5 when I just updated?

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  • AsOgmog

    What is it

    June 23, 2017 by AsOgmog

    I listen to this: What are you.

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  • MrHalfNoobCP

    Ideas -- Part 7

    June 23, 2017 by MrHalfNoobCP

    Sorry I haven't been very active recently. I've just been very busy. But to make up for that, I'm going to try to make this longer.

    1.  The Crusher. I know this sounds like something you would use to make Reaper Levithian powder, but it's not. For one, it would fit in the middle of a multipurpose room, unlike a reaper. It would mainly be used for the making of some of my later ideas. Every time you would use it, it would take up power. You would make it with Wiring Kit x1, Computer Chip x1, and Plasteel Ingot x3.

    2. Nutrient Bar. I know, I know, this already exsists. But what if you could make it via the Crusher? All you would need is Boomerang x1, and Bladderfish x1.

    3. Moist Nutrient Bar. This would be a upgrade of the Nutrient Bar we all k…

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  • MrHalfNoobCP

    Ideas -- Part 6

    June 16, 2017 by MrHalfNoobCP

    A few quick things before we start the ideas. First of all, I think that some other ideas blog posts are really cool, and really creative. Also, I was considering making a whole blog post focused on upgrade ideas, but I decided that it's better if I spread out all my ideas so we don't have a bunch of really cluttered blog posts. So, here are the ideas.

    1. Seabase charge fins. These would be an upgrade to the swim charge fins we all know and love. They would transfer power from your nearest Seabase to the tool in your hand. These would take Gold x2, Titanuim x2, and Swim Charge Fins x1. Like all upgrades, you would make these in the modification station.

    2. Better drones. This would be sort of like an extra life, a drone just like you. To con…

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  • Destructor69

    Subnautica Film

    June 15, 2017 by Destructor69


    ¿Alguno de ustedes Piensan Que Podria Hacer Una película Subnautica?

    Se que es temprano, Porque El Juego No Está AÚN en la versión 1.0, Pero de todos Modos ... Dame Tu opinion.

    PD: Soy español y que utilizado el traductor de Google, Que Así Se Si hay 'traducida Será buena ...



    ¿Alguno de vosotros Piensa Que se podria Hacer Una película de Subnautica?

    Se que es pronto, Porque El juego aun no esta en la versión 1.0, Pero en fin ... Dadme vuestra Opinión. 

    PD: Soy español Y Que utilizado el traductor de Google, asi Que No se si 'traducida Será buena ...

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