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  • Bean Can Joe

    This will be a Weekly blog post posted on Fridays and Saturdays about me, Bean Can Joe, the Space Hobo.

    (Please post helpful hints and instructions for me if you find it necessary!)

    Today I have started a new game, and I have set out on a trip to the creepvine forest to gather seed pods for some lubricant for some crafting. Found a couple, of hungery stalkers, I was able to tame one (his name is now billy the stalker) he collected me several chunks of scrap :).

    That is all for TO day I will keep a log of all the dates of my post days and I might publish an upload schedule. Until next time hang in there fellow survivors!

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  • Gogeter2004

    this really happened

    March 24, 2017 by Gogeter2004

    ok so we dont know a lot about subnautica, but this one is true. So i was in a prawn suit and i was at the new place in subnautica and i just... i dont know what happened, i got hit by something and it one shot my prawn suit, so this is my story.

    i am a therost and i wont you to tell me what werid thing happened that you cant explain.

    tell me, ill belive you.

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  • Sea Draggin' Leviathan


    I've finally made a page for all the stuff I made up. I will repost regularly. Also, I am unable to post any art right now, so sorry about that. I'll post some stuff soon!

    I'll probably post a bio on the Seadigger first.

    Read my concept things here!!_:)_)

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  • Shovel the Spadefish


    Hello! Welcome to my newest blog. It is going to be about a fake and non-real ship named "The Bee" or "The Wasp". I hope you enjoy.

    And yes, it is a thing like The Dragonfly, I took inspiration from it.

    SETTING: 3192

    DAY: Tuesday

    MONTH: December

    The Bee was just build today! Wow. Its HUGE! Probably bigger than the Aurora!

    Captain: Everyone on board! Come on.

    Captain 2: Lets go, people!

    • Several people walking inside The Bee*

    Captain 3: Are we ready?

    Captain 1: Yes, lets go!

    Well, were on The Bee! I wonder what our first mission is...

    Well, we are out in space....Gosh, im gonna be space sick. 

    Captain: Hello everybody, this is your captain speaking, we just have left Earth. If you feel like vomiting, that is completely normal.

    Oh, …

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  • Golby Face!

    Next update name

    March 21, 2017 by Golby Face!

    what do you think what the next update is going to be called? i think it would be called: Emperor Update;

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  • Variklis

    The Descent: 1

    March 20, 2017 by Variklis

    This little blog is fictional. It is in no way canon to the story of Subnautica.

    In this setting, Alterra launched a salvage team to Planet 4546B to recover data about the Aurora's crash landing on the planet.

    ://alterra_vessel_auroraOS booting...

    ://launch failed...partial data recovered


    Another day, another boring time on the Aurora. Heck, I was so bored, I considered going to the VR suite over on the leisure deck, but nobody wants to play with those nerds. Bad news is they finally locked up the PRAWN bay, so me and my buddies can't go out for a joyride just yet. Good news is we're about to be starside. Planet 4546B is a couple days away. As protocol states, we're supposed to have our AEP suits on by now s…

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  • Dubbos

    Tips for the Aurora

    March 18, 2017 by Dubbos

    So, as you can guess, the Aurora is an essential place to go with some things like the PRAWN suit fragments. I will list tips in this on how to prepare for it and what to do if you're a little bit scared.

    ~\ Essential Items/~

    1x Fire Extinguisher (at very start u will need)

    1x Laser Cutter (To get the diamond, do the sunbeam mission and start looking around the island. If you skipped it, no idea how to help ya buddy. Maybe find sea treaders?)

    1x Knife (one certain part)

    1x Repair Tool / Welder (Some parts need it to open, and also needed to stop the radiation)

    1x Seamoth (Great travel. If you can't currently afford this, even though it is NOT recommended, seaglide will be fine.)

    ~\ I'm still missing my courage /~

    Don't blame you if you don't have …

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  • Golby Face!

    Mineral Idea!

    March 18, 2017 by Golby Face!

    hello their! i've got an idea for a mineral called: Boron. if you don't know what that is? it is the 5th element of the periodic table!

    this is a rare cind of element, usefull for wires.

    Copper Wire + Boron × 2 + Fabricator = Boron Wire

    Boron Wire + Lithium × 2 + Flashlight + Modification Station = Ultra Flashlight

    this flash light can go much further than a Ordanary flashlight, and it can scare of predators by by clicking the mouse button 2 times. it doesn't work with leviathan & Creature that are attracted to light and crabsnakes

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  • Sea Draggin' Leviathan

    Hi! I made a post that I will list every idea that I think would make Subnautica cool. All of the things listed here are my ideas except for the Skeletal Leviathans and the baby animals)


    These animals attack without provocation.

    Blighted Leviathan (Biter Leviathan Skeleton)

    Angler Leviathan (Degasi Survivor Demise Leviathan, Lost River Giant Predator Skeleton)

    Super Predator Leviathan (Super Predator Skeleton)

    Anemoneye (Host of Clownkoosh, see in passive section. Moves slowly and shoots projectiles like a Tiger Plant. Anemoneye eggs can be found drifting in open water)

    Waterfly (Ghost River version of Shuttlebug. Only edible hostile creature)


    These animals attack with provocation. 

    Amphibiornis (No common name yet. Four winged birdl…

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  • Sea Draggin' Leviathan


    After collecting nearly every animal in subnautica (in creative with no cheats), I realized that having a tamable companion would be really cool. Maybe there should be a way to extend the Stalker's tameness, or have the Cutefish latch on to your shoulder while you explore. 

    A pretty interesting idea that I made was to tame the Lava Larva. You tame one by bringing one to the surface and giving it a seamoth (or other submarine) to feed on. After letting it stay there for a while, it will detach and follow you around. If the Lava Larva encounters a an Ampeel, Precursor Droid, Warper, or Precursor Appliance, it will attach to it and drain some of its electricity. Then, the larva can be used as a mobile battery by having it attach to a Cyc…

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