• Siberian Subnautican

    Good news, everyone! I have decided to start creating possible fauna/flora for planned biomes. I have one more week of summer, and during this time I will do what I can to make a few new things. After that, though, different creations will be delayed due to school. I'll try to be a little more active.

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  • Golby Face!

    You may be like “huh. Can he spell  now?” well, not really. But I found a correction site that works very well! I'm using this site for my spelling here to! I'll do the Life forms first. So this is like a sing to the admins of this wiki that I'll be doing this.

    ✓ = Done

    • Ampeel
    • Biter
    • Ghost Leviathan

    • Boomerang
    • Peeper

    • Bleeder
    • Blood Crawler
    • Cave Crawler
    • Floater
    • Lava Larva
    • Rockgrub
    • Shuttlebug

    • Shoal of Fish
    • Starfish
    • Skyray
    • Warper

    • Bloom Plankton
    • Rock Puncher

    And as always, thanks for reading!

    -Golby Face!

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  • AlbertTehGhostLeviathan

    if text is like this is out of the story.

    time to start the story

    as i got out of my egg, the first thing i seen was distorted liquids, then the "thing" i was in EXPLODED. i then seen a big tree, and was disoriented.

    2 weeks later, i encountered a human, and i wanted to say "hi!" but instead let out a very loud screech, the human looked scared, so he put out a knife, and severely damaged me.

    from that moment on, i HATE that human and every other human, so i screeched and charged to it, and it died.

    3 months later i was surprised by HOW MUCH i had grown, and decided that The Lost River was too small for me, and migrated to another place, the DGR (deep grand reef), and wanted to see how the surface world was, but when i came up, i was scared by a …

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  • Siberian Subnautican


    August 9, 2017 by Siberian Subnautican

    I didn't think I'd end up saying this, but I'm afraid that this profile is inactive.  But I'm not exactly leaving, just posts here will be little to none. I'm thinking of drawing creatures for the possible biomes, like the Arctic, though. If I have any time for it.

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  • ChihiroTachibana

    Better PDA

    August 5, 2017 by ChihiroTachibana

    Wouldn't that be cool if the PDA were to have similarities to real life tablets like IPad?

    it should be more interactive and more fun

    like adding Apps, Cameras,Notes,Clock,GPS/Map,Social Media(Requires Internet) and Tools For the PDA

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  • Golby Face!

    I want this to be deleted because of this it sould be collective nounse instead of winsy's

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  • JakeTehCrabsquis

    My early life

    July 31, 2017 by JakeTehCrabsquis

    When i was born, i was blinded by bright lights. after struggling out of my dark egg, i took a nap on the sandy floor. I woke up to find my self in a small area. having no idea of the outside world, i thought it was home. well, my first home was a three storie tall alien containment in a human base.

    the humans were scientists, trying to learn about us. i was a test subject. i was in a small area for testing reasons. i had never seen my true home, so i thought that this was my only home.

    i learned a lot from the scientists. i learned english, shapes, basic preshcool. i still though this was home.

    when i was about 3 weeks old, my head began tingling. it was strange. i tried to reach the itch, but i couldn't. when i put my legs back, green went …

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  • MrHalfNoobCP

    Ideas -- Part 16

    July 30, 2017 by MrHalfNoobCP

    Hello. As you probably already have guessed, I am back on the wiki!

    1. The Windmill. This looks much like modern-day windmills, and reaches out of the water. However, for every 50 meters of height, it will cost you an additional 2 titanium. It provides a small amount of power every minute, but, if you place 5 or more together, they will get boosted. These can be attached to foundations, or the ground. To make it, you need Wiring Kit x1, Titanium x3, and Lubricant x1, as well as the additional titanium for extra height.

    2. The Current Generator. This isn't like the Current Generator  that prevously exsisted in the game, but then was removed. First of all, it takes power. Second of all, it has four settings: Weak, Medium, Strong, and Epic. Eac…

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  • JakeTehCrabsquis

    Strange Events

    July 26, 2017 by JakeTehCrabsquis

    On 4546B, It was saturday yesterday, our free day. a day to chill. I didn't chill, however. i traveled all the way to the safe shallows. far distance. I got there and saw my first peeper. I was loving it, Untill i got hit on the head. i looked to see what i later recognized as a seamoth. At first i thought it was dangerous, so I charged it. I sliced my razor-sharp legs into its thruster. I than swam back, and was in the blood kelp when i realized what it was. 

    So i had a large bruise on my membrane, and i must stay in the Deep Grand Reef untill i recover. I was fine, untill I saw a white item shining blue drop outside of our cave. i didnt want to go out, so i looked at it. Eventually a current swept it in, and i examined it. it was a PDA, a…

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  • DerpLord12

    new ISLAND idea

    July 23, 2017 by DerpLord12

    i came up with a new island that should be added to the game. this island would have a new masterWarp Gate that teleported to the Quarantine Enforcement Platform, and has a Precursor Cache with bones flora samples and a data bank entry containing info about the bones and flora samples. the island would be located northewest of the hole infront of the Aurora. there would be cave crawlers and a land creature, the broco, which i invented, (the link creature is a link to the page about the broco) and underneath the island one Titan would lurk around, and many reginalds oculus and peepers would swim around also. if you think it should be added please comment, and goodbye.

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