This article is about the Blighter. You may be looking for the Biter.

The Blighter is an aggressive fauna species, and subspecies of the Biter that can be found around the Blood Kelp Caves and Blood Kelp Zone.

Much like its relative, the Blighter is a very territorial creature and will attack the player when nearby.


The Blighter closely resembles a Biter, with a few differences which, in general, give it a far more menacing appearance:

  • Its eyes have dark brown sclera and yellowish-white pupils, giving off a "zombified" look.
  • Its body is golden-ish brown on the dorsal side with a pale white underbelly.
  • On its front, a short lure emitting a dull red bioluminescent glow is featured.


The Blighter is the complete opposite of its relative, being a slower, less aggressive and more of a solitary hunter. It slowly patrols its vicinity and often emits ghastly screeches and hisses.

However, the Blighter is still very territorial and will attack if the player gets too close, taking 7% of their health with each bite.


Data Bank EntryEdit

Biter BK variant



  • The Blighter has a similar appearance to both the Angler Fish and the Tadpole.
    • The word blight, when used as a verb, means to spoil, harm, or destroy. It also is linked with fungal infections which, coupled with its appearance, may be hinting at zombie fungi like those present on earth. 
  • The Data Bank image shows that the Blighter is blind.