Beds are a miscellaneous item that can be built using the Habitat Builder. Two variants exist, the first being named "Bed 1" and the other "Bed 2". The only difference between them is that Bed 2 has a linen spread over its foot-end. A smaller, cheaper variant is the Narrow Bed.

Beds can be placed either in a Cyclops, a Multipurpose Room, or an Observatory. A few beds can be found inside a Wreck in the Mountains. There are also beds inside the Aurora. One can also be found right below one of the Jelly Shroom Caves entrances in an abandoned seabase.


The Beds allow the user to lay down on them. Much like the Bench when sat on, laying on the Beds conserves the Player's Food and H2O levels. The player can go to sleep by clicking the LMB.

When getting out of the Beds, a short animation plays where the Player will sit up and stretch his arms upwards.

The player can sleep to skip time. The player will have to wait a certain duration of time before being able to go back to sleep again.


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