The Basalt Outcrop is a Harvesting Node that contains Raw Materials and is also the most common of the nodes.


It can be found in the seabed and the caves of the Mushroom Forest, Grand Reef and Bulb Zone Biomes. Some of the Tree Mushrooms in the Mushroom Forest, especially the Giant Tree Mushroom at its center, also feature Basalt Outcrops. Lava Geysers in low depths have also been observed housing Basalt Outcrops . It can also be found in the Underwater Islands, Blood Kelp Caves, and the Crag Field.

Basalt Outcrops can contain the following:

Data Bank Entry Edit

Hard, igneous rock, formed by past volcanic activity. Likely to contain very rare minerals, such as diamond and uranium, which cannot be found elsewhere.

Assessment: Gold, diamond and uranium source

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