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"I messed up. Badly this time. It's been two days since what happened. We never should have left this island. I shouldn't have listened to them. We shouldn't have gone so deep. We're not wanted down there. They don't trust us. I knew it and I didn't say. I could see it, and they couldn't, and now they're stuck down there, and I'm up here, alone. I deserve this. "
―Bart Torgal, Data Downloads
Bart Torgal was the heir to Torgal Corp, and the only son of Paul Torgal. Bart was a beneficiary of advanced learning techniques, having cerebral implants and learning farming through 'Digitraining', using this knowledge he kept the three Degasi survivors alive by growing food.

Bart discovered that the survivors were infected with an alien bacteria and attempted to find a cure. Marguerit Maida would bring Bart samples to see how they reacted to the bacteria. However, these were often not of much use as Marguerit tended to either severely injure, or use Transfuser serums on the creatures, making them unsuitable for testing.

Bart's last known location was the western observatory on the Floating Island, to which he fled after the destruction of the Deep Grand Reef base.


Bart has an interest in plants, as noted by his father, and having gained Cerebal Implants. Bart also appears to have an interest in the wildlife of Planet 4546B, as he kept various plants and creatures inside aquariums, with the help of Marguerit Maida. However, after the destruction of the Deep Grand Reef base, he appears have sunk into a depression, and become mentally unstable, apparently blaming himself for the loss of his friend and father. 


Paul TorgalEdit

Despite Paul being his father, Bart does not seem particularly close to him. It can be noted, that Paul seems overprotective over his son, however, this may be due to the fact that they are on an alien world, and Paul fearing for his safety. It can be noted, that Bart can be upset and/or angry when Paul and Maida fight, and usually attempts to stay neutral. 

Marguerit MaidaEdit

Bart and Maida are genuinely friendly to one another, with Maida bringing Bart specimens for him to study. Bart is also fascinated with what Maida will do to ensure their survival. However, he does not agree with some of Maida's methods of getting creatures for him to study, and can get upset when she severely injures them or injects them with Transfuser serums. Despite this, he has a high amount of respect for Maida, which Maida returns to him. 

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