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"This is Avery Quinn, of trading ship Sunbeam. Aurora, do you read?"
―Avery Quinn
Avery Quinn is the captain of the Sunbeam. Over time, several messages are broadcast to the player's Communications Relay by the Sunbeam, in hope of getting a response. Quinn informs the player that the Sunbeam is aware of the Aurora's situation, and that they are coming to rescue them. During the rescue attempt, the Sunbeam is tragically destroyed after the Quarantine Enforcement Platform fires upon it, and Avery and the rest of the crew are killed.

Quotes Edit

First Contact:

"This is Avery Quinn, of trading ship Subeam. Aurora, do you read? Over. Still nothing. These Alterra ships. They run out of engine grease, they send an SOS: you offer to help, they don't pick up. Aurora, I'm on the far side of the system, it's going to take more than a week to reach your position, do you still need our assistance? Over. I'll try them again tomorrow. See what the long-range scans pick up in the meantime. Damn charter's going to have us wasting our profit margin running errands for Alterra."

On the way:

"Aurora, this is Sunbeam again. We just picked up a massive debris field at your location. I didn't know how bad... how many of you..... I didn't know. We are now en route to your location. We're going to bring you home. Sunbeam out." *talking to crew* "What else can I say? We're a six seater and we aren't even slightly equipped to handle this? Our pilot last attempted a planet landing in the academy simulator? It's a bad situation, but so are all the alternatives."

Halfway there:

"Sunbeam, broadcasting to all survivors of the Aurora. We've covered more than half the distance, so hold on in there. We're scanning the planet for dry land as we speak. You couldn't have picked a less convenient parking spot, but we'll be in touch as soon as we have a landing spot for you. Sunbeam out."

Two Days Away:

"Aurora, it's Sunbeam. We've made orbit, and scans have found a landing site on the planet that's only rated hazardous. It's our best shot. We've sent you the coordinates. We'll be there in two day's time. Cross your fingers the weather holds, and don't leave us waiting. Sunbeam out."

Breaking Atmosphere:

"I don't believe it! There's someone down there! Aurora survivor, we have your PDA signature! I don't know how you walked away from that wreck, let alone survived since then, but we'll be happy to bring you onboard and hightail you back to federation space! Stand back, We're approaching the landing site now. Breaking atmosphere in 5......4.......3.... What is that? No, the RED spike. From the planet?!?!"

  • static*

Trivia Edit

  • Avery Quinn is voiced by Tony Porter, a friend of one of the game's developers, Scott Thunelius.
  • The way Avery speaks about Alterra and the federation suggests that Avery and the rest of the Sunbeam are not part of Alterra but of some other unknown organization. Despite this, the Sunbeam is of Alterra design.

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