This Unusual Doll is a scannable object found in Lifepod 7, created by this pod's malfunctioning Fabricator. As well as the doll, this Fabricator created the Toy Car, two Gray Caps, an Electron Microscope, a Cylindrical Sample Flask, a pen and pen pot, two cups, and a container. The player can scan the Unusual Doll, allowing them to create one in their base.

The Doll is a small figurine of the popular Youtuber Markiplier, who made a Let's Play series of Subnautica.


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  • This doll was placed in the world after all attempts to contact the YouTuber Markiplier to give him the distribution code were unsuccessful. The doll was added to the world shortly before Markiplier's seventieth episode, before he went on a short hiatus from the series.[1]
    • Markiplier finds the doll in Episode 72, aptly titled 'I'M IN THE GAME!!'[2]
  • The former name for An Unusual Doll was the Markiplier Doll.


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