The Ampeel is an aggressive fauna species found dwelling in the Bulb Zone and the Blood Kelp Zone, as individuals or in small groups of two or three.

Zapping noises can be heard when the Ampeel uses its electrical attacks against other life forms or the player. Its shocking attack deals about 15 damage the player's health, and its bite will take away 45 of the player's health.

Appearance Edit

The Ampeel is a huge, serpentine creature with a segmented body, covered with prongs capable of generating powerful zaps of bio-electricity. Its dorsal side is dull green in color, while its underbelly is light tan. The body is composed of a head segment, eight body segments, and a tail segment.

The Ampeel's head segment has six prongs, four being placed like on each body segment, and two being placed near the mouth. It has bluish green eyes indented into the skull, leaving a visible round mark. Its mouth has many small teeth.

Each body segment has four prongs situated 90 degrees apart, except its end segment, where there are four prongs extending out posteriorly. The prongs are mostly red with bright white tips, and emit a bright neon cyan bioluminescent glow, and are capable of generating electricity.

Behavior Edit

The Ampeel swims around passively, and frequently re-orientates itself to swim in another direction. It also frequently generates electrical arcs that run along its body, from head to tail.

The Ampeel will enter its aggressive mode when the player approaches it directly, even if they are using a vehicle. It will build up an electrical barrier that surrounds its entire body by using all of its prongs at once. It then may try to zap or bite the player.

If two or more Ampeel encounter, they will attempt to shock each other. However, no damage is dealt to either one. The Ampeel will continue to shock each other until one or more leaves. 

The Ampeel's electricity will severely harm submersibles, especially past their safe depth. The Seamoth Perimeter Defense System has no effect on an Ampeel, likely due to the fact that it uses electricity itself. A better defensive tool to use would be the Stasis Rifle, Repulsion Cannon or a Torpedo System.

When the Ampeel is attacked, it will turn around and attack back by either zapping the attacker or biting it, much like the Boneshark, shortly after this, the Ampeel will flee.

it is advised to take precaution when in a Cyclops near Ampeel because they will attack the Cyclops if too much attention is drawn, the Ampeel will attack by biting or shocking the Cyclops.

Energy ValueEdit

ShockerArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×4500
Shocker EggArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×500

Data Bank EntryEdit


A large, inquisitive predator found inhabiting the deeper waters of the reefs and bulb bush colonies.

  • Strong and territorial
  • Torso-mounted prongs appear capable of generating a powerful electric current
  • Ampeel has been recorded using electricity to incapacitate its prey
  • If a faster, stronger and hungrier predator lives on the reefs, it appears to avoid the ampeel


Trivia Edit

  • Ampeels were originally called Shockers.
  • The name Ampeel is a combination of the words "Ampere", a measurement of electric current, and "Eel", a family of fish in our real world.