Ruby is a raw material commonly found throughout the Grand Reef and the Sea Treader's Path. According to its description, it is used for heat and electricity conduction.


Ruby appears as a white rock with four short bright red spikes, similarly to real world rubies.

Uses in Crafting

Cyclops Fabricator

Plasteel IngotAluminum Oxide CrystalArrow-right (1)CyclopsArrow-right (1)Cyclops Pressure Compensator


Spore SackAluminum Oxide CrystalArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Aerogel

Habitat Builder

Advanced Wiring KitAluminum Oxide CrystalAluminum Oxide CrystalTitaniumTitaniumArrow-right (1)BuilderArrow-right (1)Power Cell Charger

Mobile Vehicle Bay

Aluminum Oxide CrystalAluminum Oxide CrystalPlasteel IngotPlasteel IngotAerogelAerogelLubricantLeadLeadArrow-right (1)Mobile Vehicle BayArrow-right (1)Exosuit

Data Bank Entry

A hard, blood-red gemstone, made of aluminum oxide. Rubies may be processed in order to leverage their structural integrity in advanced vehicle construction and modification.

Assessment: Essential for advanced vehicle modification



  • The former name for Ruby was Aluminum Oxide Crystal.
    • Ruby is a form of aluminum oxide, which the Ruby shares its original name with. This is also mentioned in the item's description, as a chemical formula.