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The Alpha Ray species is the hypothesised common ancestor of the four living ray species on the planet today; the Jellyray, Rabbit Ray, Ghostray and Crimson Ray. The data bank entry for this creature is obtained after all four living rays have been scanned or by going to Disease Research Facility and scanning the display that has the rays in it.


The entry for the Alpha Ray species states that it would have shared the forward-mounted eyes of the Ghostray and Crimson Ray, as befits a predatory creature. It would also have been similar in size to a Ghostray and likely shared the translucent skin.


Based on the forward-mounted eyes of the Crimson Ray, the PDA theorises that it, and the other three ray species shared a common, predatory ancestor. Appearance-wise the Alpha Ray species is thought to have been close to the Ghostray. The Ghostray is possibly the first creature that the Alpha Ray species evolved into, the Jellyray also being an old species whilst the Crimson Ray and Rabbit Ray are suggested to have been more recent evolutions.