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Alien Tablets are items required to disable various Forcefield Controls in Alien Bases and other alien structures.

The Alien Tablets are flat metal-like objects featuring various holes and attachments on the outer edges, with a large alien symbol visible in the middle of the object.

How the devices were used by the Precursors is unknown. The Data Bank Entry for the Blue Tablet suggests that as well as granting security clearance, they may have functioned as personal computer of a sort, possibly similar to a PDA.

Purple Tablet

Pecursor Symbol 05

The Purple Tablet is usually the first Alien Tablet to be found, and is very frequently used in a number of locations. There are currently eight found in the game. The Quarantine Enforcement Platform requires three to unlock the upper entrance, the anti-gravity elevator, and the control room. The three Purple Tablets needed to unlock these doors can be found onsite; two on Mountain Island, and one inside the facility in the room before the deactivation terminal. A fourth can be found in the Degasi Seabase on the Floating Island. The rest can be found in the Mountain Island's Caves. After scanning the broken Purple Tablet in front of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform's land entrance, the player can craft Purple Tablets at the Fabricator using an Ion Cube and two Diamonds.

The Purple Tablet can be used optionally to access the four Sanctuary Caches. It is also used to unlock certain doors in the Alien Thermal Plant and Disease Research Facility.


Ion CrystalDiamondDiamondArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Purple Tablet

Data Bank Entry

Purple Artifact-1

This carbon-based device is lighter than it looks, and features a symbol which resembles a 'U', lit up in purple. Despite the onboard power still functioning, algae growth on the exterior indicates it was abandoned hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago. While the technology is far beyond federation levels, and there is no obvious way to interface with it, it should nonetheless be possible to fabricate a precise physical copy of the device, if necessary.

Orange Tablet

Pecursor Symbol 02

The Orange Tablet can be found in the Deep Grand Reef Degasi Seabase on a desk, and is presumed to be what Marguerit Maida had discovered, as shown in this log. This Alien Tablet is exclusively used to access the Lost River Laboratory Cache. The Orange Tablet is craftable, but only one terminal requires the artifact.


Ion CrystalDiamondDiamondArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Orange Tablet

Data Bank Entry

Orange Artifact-1

This device hums slightly, and displays an orange-lit symbol resembling an 'n'.

Blue Tablet

Pecursor Symbol 03

The Blue Tablet can be found in the Precursor Thermal Power Generator, and is used to access the Primary Containment Facility. One Blue Tablet is needed to gain entrance to the facility, and a second one is used to unlock the Moonpool room. However, only one Blue Tablet is available for pickup from the Alien Thermal Plant. It is craftable after the player either picks this Blue Tablet up, or scans it.


Ion CrystalKyaniteKyaniteArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Blue Tablet

Data Bank Entry

Blue Artifact-1

Smooth and cold, with a blue light which illuminates an alien symbol resembling an upper case 'H'. While it is likely these devices served in part as security clearance for whoever constructed them, their size suggests some additional purpose, such as personal computers. Whatever the case, the technology is far beyond humanity's own.



  • There used to be two other Alien Tablets colored red and white, but they can no longer be accessed in game.
  • The Blue Tablet used to require one Ion Cube and two Diamonds.


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