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This article is about the Alien Relics. You may be looking for the Alien Artifacts.

Alien Relics refers to a collection of twelve items enshrined within the Antechamber of the Primary Containment Facility, each one is unique and originates from different alien planets, including Earth.

The player cannot pick up or interact with any of the Alien Relics.

Precursor Prison Artifact 1 PDA

This alien device appears to be designed to eliminate all organic substances in range by emitting a lethal, but contained radioactive field.

Precursor Prison Artifact 2 PDA

This device is some form of communications relay, apparently projecting the presence of the user to a remote location. There do not seem to be any other devices in range.

Precursor Prison Artifact 3 PDA

This device is a rudimentary version of the keys used to access these facilities. It may have been kept here for symbolic purposes, or legacy support.

Precursor Prison Artifact 4 PDA

It is unclear why technology of this sophistication has not been found elsewhere on the planet. Its production may have been restricted, or too costly, or it may have been pillaged from a more ancient civilization.

Precursor Prison Artifact 5 PDA

This carving is hundreds of thousands of years old, and made from an unrecognized natural fiber, likely grown on an as yet undiscovered planet.

Precursor Prison Artifact 6 PDA

Despite its simple design, this device contains enough potential energy to destroy the entire planet, and most of the solar system. Fortunately, it has malfunctioned.

Precursor Prison Artifact 7 PDA

This weapon appears to be millions of years old, and matches no previously encountered technologies.

Precursor Prison Artifact 8 PDA

An ancient earth blade, dated back to the 13th century Mongolian empire. Blood samples on the blade match the DNA of seven separate heads of state from the period.

Precursor Prison Artifact 12 PDA

This rock-like material features bio-mechanical parts that match components identified in the warpers encountered on 4546B. Materials such as this may even have been a fundamental building block of the alien's own self-repairing mechanisms.

Precursor Prison Artifact 11 PDA

The markings on this device seem to serve no purpose beyond decoration. It may be the alien equivalent of a lamp or magnifying glass, used to examine the other relics in more detail.

This case contains highly sophisticated nanobots capable of infiltrating a foreign body and deconstructing it from the inside.

Precursor Prison Artifact 10 PDA

This artifact is unpowered, suggesting it serves a ceremonial, rather than practical purpose. The pyramid resembles an organic growth, while the stone at the head exhibits a warm blue light. It may represent a plant found on the aliens' home world, or even reflect the gravitational pull of their home solar system.



  • The data bank entry regarding the ancient earth blade may be a possible reference to Genghis Khan, an infamous emperor from 13th century Mongolia. 
  • The fifth Relic bears a striking resemblance to the Yin and Yang symbol.
  • The seventh Relic is a reused model of the railgun in Future Perfect , another game from Unknown Worlds Entertainment.