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This article is about the Alien Relics. You may be looking for the Alien Tablets.

The Alien Relics are a collection of twelve items enshrined within the Alien Bases; two can be found in the Quarantine Enforcement Platform, the others in the Antechamber of the Primary Containment Facility. Each is unique, and most originate from other, alien planets, including Earth.

The player cannot pick up or interact with any of the Alien Relics, aside from scanning them.

Quarantine Enforcement Platform Relics

Doomsday Device

Scans indicate this device contains enough potential energy to destroy the entire planet, along with most of the solar system. It was presumably to be used in the event of quarantine failure. Fortunately, it has malfunctioned.

Alien Rifle

Strong resemblance to human weaponry in form, this device must have been designed with a humanoid user in mind. Whether the aliens that built this structure were themselves humanoid, or otherwise employed the use of humanoids is unclear. What is clear is that they considered defending this facility a necessary precaution. There is no obvious way to remove the rifle from the case.

Primary Containment Facility Relics

Organic Matter Particulator

This device contains a highly unstable radioactive isotope, likely to destroy all organisms exposed to it, while leaving physical structures intact. Although it would function perfectly well as a weapon, it was more likely used to sterilize spaces for later inhabitation. Without instructions it would be unwise to interact with it.

Holographic Projector

This device contains network apparatus and a holographic projection unit. It was likely used as a communications relay, capturing and projecting the image of the user to a remote location. There do not appear to be any other devices in range.

Rudimentary Tablet

This device shares many similarities with the tablets used to access the alien facilities, although its structure is rather less complex. It may have served a similar purpose, granting security access and storing relevant data, and was thus kept here as a form of legacy support.

Tracking Implant

This construct is emitting a high-bandwidth signal consistent with alien transmissions intercepted elsewhere. DNA on the exterior indicates it was once implanted inside one of the lifeforms indigenous to 4546B, its size suggesting the subject was a leviathan class organism. Beyond tracking and broadcasting its location, the implant may also have recorded biological data on the subject, however this data cannot be retrieved.

Alien Carving

This carving is hundreds of thousands of years old, and made from an unrecognized natural fiber, grown on an unknown planet. It bears striking resemblance to the old earth yin-yang symbol. Two competing theories may explain this similarity:

  1. Aliens visited earth prior to the 4th century BC and influenced the development of ancient Chinese philosophy.
  2. The concept of yin and yang is universal. Since yin and yang describes the fundamental interdependency of seemingly opposite forces, it may be a necessary existential understanding, in some form, in all sufficiently developed civilizations. The tapering of two circles (union) into opposed and infinitesimally small points (the finite) is one logical way to represent this understanding, and may have been developed independently by species other than humans.

Ancient Earth Blade

An ancient Earth blade, dating back to the 13th century. Blood samples on the blade match the DNA of seven separate heads of state from the period. This evidence supports the theory that the aliens are an ancient, space-borne civilization engaged in the surreptitious study of less developed species.

Alien Building Block

This rock-like object features organic as well as mechanical parts, and there is some genetic and technological crossover with the design of the self-warping constructs encountered elsewhere. It appears to serve no purpose in its current state, and is awaiting some kind of activation sequence. Materials such as this may have been a fundamental building block of the aliens' technology, or even of the aliens themselves.

Universal Translator

This device stores linguistic data from over 1,000 different languages. The core of the device may allow alien texts to be read and translated.

Analysis of the onboard data reveals a number of ancient Earth languages, and the term 'CHBCLive' appears many times in the device's data. Its import is unclear.

The device seems to be configured to translate into the designer's language - it will not work the other way around.


Scans show some form of advanced nanobot inside this seemingly empty case. These bots are substantially smaller than any developed within the federation, and it is not possible to ascertain their exact function. It would, however, be unwise to release them.

Alien Statue

This artifact is unpowered, suggesting it served a ceremonial, rather than practical purpose. The pyramid resembles vines, spiraling upwards toward the warm blue stone mounted above it. It may represent a plant found on the aliens' home world, a building of religious import, or even the gravitational pull of their home solar system.

Display Case

This case is composed of an impregnable, translucent metal at the distant end of the periodic table. Scans do not reveal any contents



  • The data bank entry regarding the Ancient Earth Blade may be a possible reference to Genghis Khan, an infamous emperor from 13th century Mongolia.
  • The Alien Rifle, Organic Matter Particulator, and Doomsday Device relics are reused models of objects originally created for Future Perfect.
  • The Universal Translator relic is a tribute to a Chinese fan of Subnautica who went by the name "CHBCLive". He made tutorials and translations for the Chinese audience up since the Farming Update. He later died after a long battle with cancer. 
  • The sixth and seventh Alien Relics were originally in the Primary Containment Facility, although were moved to the Quarantine Enforcement Platform due to concerns about the base's interior feeling empty. [Citation needed]