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The Alien Pipe System is a huge network of pipes, created by the Precursor Race that stretches out below the surface of Planet 4546B. The pipes have multiple access points throughout the world, and all converge at the Primary Containment Facility. The purpose of these pipes is to allow oxygen-rich water from multiple biomes to be pumped into the Sea Emperor Leviathan's Aquarium, creating an ideal environment for it. [1] However, at an unspecified time, the captive Sea Emperor Leviathan managed to train Peepers to use the pipe system, from here the Peepers deposit flora seeds into the Aquarium and pick up small amounts of Enzyme 42, they then go back to the surface and distribute the enzyme. This process is the sole reason that some life has managed to survive on the planet. Entrances for the Alien Pipe System can be found in the Dunes, Grand Reef, Underwater Islands, Mushroom Forest. Mountains, and the Sparse Reef.

Entrance Points

Alien Pipe Entrance Points are vents located in six biomes around the world. These vents allow Peepers to distribute Enzyme 42 to other creatures. The vents have two access points, both of which only allow Peepers one way travel into or out of the Alien Pipe System.

Image Location Coordinates
Dunes -1160 -245 -140
GR Alien Pipe Entrance
Grand Reef -940 -335 -1220
Mountains 750 -285 1020
Northeastern Mushroom Forest 650 -170 480
Sparse Reef -725 -300 -725
Underwater Islands -465 -70 870

Data Bank Entries

Pipe Entrance Point

An access point to a deep, alien piping network that extends beyond maximum scannable range.

- The pipe is drawing in water from the surrounding area and pumping it to an unknown location below the surface
- Peepers have been observed entering and exiting the access point
- Other small creatures appear to be avoiding the vicinity
- Purpose unknown

Assessment: Further data required

Alien Pump

This machinery is pumping water to and from the attached pipe network.

Oxygen-deprived water is being flooded from the system.

Analysis of the water composition flowing in indicates it is being drawn from different biomes between here and the surface of the planet. The water temperature is considerably lower than the volcanic environment outside the facility, and oxygen rich.

Pipe Access Point

This appears to be one of the endpoints of the alien piping system transporting fresh water from the surface into the containment facility.

- Peepers are using the pipe network to travel to and from the surface
- behavior must be explained by evolutionary adaptation to extreme circumstances

Peeper Exhibiting Unusual Behavior

A peeper specimen has been observed behaving counter to previously understood biological models.

- Peeper is actively approaching other creatures, even predators
- Peeper is carrying an unknown enzyme which it could not have produced itself

Chemical Analysis of Enzyme:
- Bears some superficial similarity to the stomach enzymes of larger predators
- Contact with the enzyme appears to inhibit the symptoms observed in sick creatures
- Complex structure renders synthesis impossible
- Consumption of peepers carrying the enzyme may help to minimize bacterial infection symptoms, but cannot cure any underlying infection

Recommend further research into enzyme origin.

Peepers Accessing the Facility via Pipe Network

These inflow pipes are being used by peepers to access the otherwise isolated facility.

- Peeper behaviour elsewhere on the planet suggests they are not being sucked in by accident, but rather have evolved to actively seek out the correct access points
- The specimens scanned have all consumed high quantities of seeds from the surface world
- Specimens show differing levels of bacterial symptoms

Peepers Exiting the Facility via Pipe Network

These outflow pipes are transporting peepers out of the facility, back towards the surface.

- All specimens scanned are carrying the enzyme which inhibits bacterial growth and helps the body repair the symptoms of the infection
- Stomach cavities are all empty