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Aquariums provide an ideal opportunity to study alien fauna up close. Select carefully which lifeforms you bring onboard - they may also be studying you.


― PDA, Dialogue


The Alien Containment is a large, cylindrical aquarium which can be filled with Fauna that has been caught or hatched by the player. It is built using the Habitat Builder inside the Multipurpose Room.

Building Edit

In order to get inside of or put fish into the Alien Containment, the player must build a Hatch on one of the sides. The player can then enter the Alien Containment and release caught fish into it. Non-edible fish can be added through the use of their respective eggs. If two or more Multipurpose Rooms are stacked on top of each other, building Alien Containments inside each Room will cause the Containers to merge into one bigger tank. 

Uses Edit

If the player leaves two creatures of the same species inside the Alien Containment for long enough, they will breed and another fish of the same species will spawn inside. Once the Alien Containment reaches a population of 10 fish, the reproductive process will stop. If more fish are added after the maximum is reached, some will die and float to the top of the container. Multiple Alien Containments stacked on top of each other will increase the amount by 10 each.

Eggs can be placed inside the Alien Containment. This can be done by simply dropping the Eggs inside the Alien Containment. Eggs will take about 3 to 5 in-game days (sometimes less) in order to hatch. When hatched, the fauna within the eggs will create smaller versions of said fauna, and will grow inside the Alien Containment. Non-edible Fauna can be bred this way to be used as fuel for the Bioreactor. Keep in mind that egg-laying fish will keep laying eggs (so long as there are two or more) and hatching them until the population cap is reached, as stated above.

Flora can be placed inside the Alien Containment, via a Planter UI with sixteen slots that appears when hovering above the soil. This can be used as an alternative to the Exterior Growbed for farming aquatic resources. Creepvines will not grow to their full height without stacking Alien Containments.

Placing fauna infected with Carar into the Alien Containment will infect the other fauna after some time. However this is just an aesthetic change and has no effect on the fauna.

Aggressive Fauna hatched inside the Alien Containment will have a Passive attitude towards the Player when they enter the Containment.

Plantable FloraEdit

For a complete list of plantable flora, visit List of Plantable Flora.


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Data Bank EntryEdit

Despite huge, Alterra-led advancements in stellar technology, exploring new worlds still has its challenges. Alien lifeforms are one of them. The alien containment facility is designed to mimic the natural environment outside the habitat, and facilitate scientific research.

  • Units must be installed in multipurpose room modules, and may be connected between rooms stacked in a column
  • A hatch must be installed in order to access the containment unit
  • Flora and fauna may be kept alive indefinitely, provided a steady food and power supply
  • The containment unit provides a perfect environment in which to study alien feeding and breeding behaviors
  • Environmental controls may fail if the unit is overpopulated
  • Never tap the glass: you don't know what will tap back, or how hard



  • The former name for the Alien Containment was the "Large Aquarium", and before that, the "Water Park".