The Air Bladder is a tool crafted with the Fabricator.

It is a flotation device that allows the Player to reach the surface of the water faster than simply swimming to the surface.


Once equipped, the player can press RMB to inflate the Air Bladder and ascend quickly to the surface. This consumes 3 Oxygen. The player can press RMB again to deflate the Air Bladder.

The player cannot swim down into the ocean with the Air Bladder equipped and inflated.

The Air Bladder is especially useful in situations where the player is in danger of drowning or needs to escape dangerous creatures.


A number of tests were run from the depth of 50 meters to determine the speed of swimming to the surface with fins versus using the Air Bladder.

  • With fins, players will average 4.16m/s (12 seconds to ascend from a depth of 50 meters).
  • With the Air Bladder, players will average 6.25m/s (eight seconds to ascend from a depth of 50 meters).

This is assuming that ascending occurs at the same speed in all biomes.


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  • The player can inflate the Air Bladder and then unequip it, and when re-equipped the Air Bladder will still be inflated, cheating the loss of 3 oxygen.
  • The Air Bladder is the only non-sustenance item in the game crafted using a fish.