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This article is about the Advanced Wiring Kit. You may be looking for the Wiring Kit.

The Advanced Wiring Kit is a crafted item in the electronics tree of the Fabricator.

It is used for crafting advanced technical devices and the Cyclops.


GoldGoldComputer ChipArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Advanced Wiring Kit

Uses In CraftingEdit


Advanced Wiring KitBatteryTitaniumArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Stasis Rifle
Advanced Wiring KitBatteryTitaniumArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Propulsion Cannon

Mobile Vehicle BayEdit

Plasteel Ingot×5Enameled Glass×5LubricantLubricantAdvanced Wiring KitArrow-right (1)Mobile Vehicle BayArrow-right (1)Cyclops

Vehicle Modification StationEdit

KyaniteKyaniteKyaniteUraniumAdvanced Wiring KitArrow-right (1)Seamoth Modification StationArrow-right (1)Exosuit Thermal Reactor Module
Advanced Wiring KitAdvanced Wiring KitTitaniumArrow-right (1)Seamoth Modification StationArrow-right (1)Prawn Suit Grappling Arm Module

Habitat BuilderEdit

Titanium Ingot×4Lubricant×4Advanced Wiring KitArrow-right (1)BuilderArrow-right (1)Moon Pool

Cyclops Upgrade FabricatorEdit

Advanced Wiring KitPower CellUraninite CrystalArrow-right (1)CyclopsArrow-right (1)Cyclops Shield Generator
Advanced Wiring KitMercury OreSulphurSulphurArrow-right (1)CyclopsArrow-right (1)Cyclops Fire Suppression System