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This article is about the Active Lava Zone. You may be looking for the Inactive Lava Zone.
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This article contains information that is updated for the latest Experimental Version of Subnautica. Players using stable mode may find this information inaccurate.

The Active Lava Zone (ALZ) is an in-development cave biome in Subnautica. It is located below the Inactive Lava Zone around 1300 to 1700 meters deep. Within the Active Lava Zone the Primary Containment Facility can be found - this is where the Sea Emperor will be encountered in the future.[1] The Active Lava Zone is currently the deepest biome as well as the hottest biome in Subnautica. This particular biome plays a major role in the story of Subnautica.

A sole Sea Dragon Leviathan roams the vast chamber. 


The Active Lava Zone is much smaller than the Inactive Lava Zone, but has much more volcanic activity. Lava lakes and falls are a common sight in this biome, along with obsidian pillars and magma formations jutting from the walls and lakes. The Active Lava Zone has a distinct orange fog. No flora can be found in this biome, presumably due to the extreme conditions.

The chamber consists of a huge lava lake, with occasional lava falls and masses of magma. Typically, a Sea Dragon Leviathan can be found guarding the lava lake. Towards the end of the lake, five cubic precursor structures can be found attached to obsidian mounds by cables. The purpose of these cubes are currently unknown. At the end of the lava lake, the Primary Containment Facility can be found. A large, barren, sandy chasm can be found below the facility; with several floating large resource deposits of Ion Crystals that presumably will be located within the facility's aquarium when it is implemented. At the end of the chasm where the facility will be located, several holes can be found that lead to depths greater than 1700m, which is currently the deepest point that can be reached by any vehicle, namely the Prawn Suit; it is unknown what will be located at the bottom of these holes or how one might be able to venture there.

The Lava Falls can be found going from the Inactive Lava Zone above to the main chamber below. These large pits act as entrances to the Active Lava Zone, and can be found near the Lava Castle. They also connect to the secondary entrance to the Active Lava Zone, which can be found in a domed depression in the Inactive Lava Zone.


  • Like most segmented biomes, the Active Lava Zone is divided into several segments - namely ALZ_LavaFalls, ALZ_LavaLakes, ALZ_LavaPool and ALZ_Chamber (this is to aid the AI in deciding what music tracks, random events and creature behaviour to choose).


  1. Dated September 1st, 2016.

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