This article is about the Acid Mushroom. You may be looking for the Deep Shroom.

The Acid Mushroom is a hazardous species of flora. It is primarily used as a raw material to manufacture Batteries.

The Player can either pick by hand, or use a Survival Knife to harvest Acid Mushroom Spores. Be careful however, because harvesting in this manner can cause damage to the player, surrounding base structures, as well as nearby Fauna and flora.

The Acid Mushroom and its spores can be planted in an Exterior Growbed, or in an Alien Containment.

Appearance Edit

Acid Mushroom resemble real life mushrooms, having a very thick cap that appears to constantly pulsate.

There are two variations of Acid Mushrooms: a small one with a purple hue, and a larger one featuring a bright magenta cap with rest of it fading to a dull violet color.

It seems to emit faint bioluminescent glows at night, like most fauna and flora.

Behavior Edit

The Acid Mushroom stays stationary on the seabed or other firm structures forming clusters.

As a defense mechanism, the Acid Mushroom has the ability to burst open and release acid when damaged, damaging the player and destroying itself in the process. Vehicles like the Seamoth can also take heavy damage from ramming into or colliding with Acid Mushrooms. An Acid Mushroom's blast may also damage other Acid mushrooms in close proximity, leading to the bursting of its surrounding mushrooms, dealing heavy, often fatal damage to the player and even destroying vehicles - this usually happens when an Acid Mushrooms in a cluster is destroyed without the proper precautions.

When farming mushrooms, the best strategy is to pick up all nearby mushrooms before knifing a mushroom for its spores. Since each mushroom drops 4 spores, one can pick three mushrooms and collect spores from the fourth to restock their mushroom supply.

Uses In CraftingEdit

Acid MushroomAcid MushroomCopper OreArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Battery

Energy ValueEdit

Acid MushroomArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×50

Data Bank Entry Edit

Acid Mushroom

A common, spore-bearing fungi species, with developed defense mechanisms. The flesh contains a highly acidic compound which leaches into the water if the outer skin is penetrated.

It is not clear which predator species necessitated such extreme counter-measures, but the acid mushroom's numbers suggest it has successfully deterred most of them.

Assessment: Inedible, acid has applications in battery fabrication

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