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  • edit Spadefish
    edited by Absentina 43 seconds ago diff
    Edited the section: Appearance


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  • new page User blog:Absentina/Subnautica
    posted by Absentina 25 minutes ago
    New blog: This blog is for chats and possible debates on the coolest creatures in Subnautica
    Summary: Blog post created or updated.
    Added category: Blog posts

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  • discussion page Just saying hi
    comment by Absentina 26 minutes ago



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  • edit Giant Cove Tree
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  • edit Grav Trap
    edited by ThunderStar321 1 hour ago diff
  • edit Reefback
    edited by ThunderStar321 1 hour ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Primary Containment Facility
    new comment by Khirman 3 hours ago
    Comment: Leave it there? I mean, I think there's more than one entrance?
  • discussion page Talk:Primary Containment Facility
    new comment by Sillysally123 3 hours ago
    Comment: The sea Dragon that patrols outside got stuck inside the first chamber of the facility and I can't get it out. What do I do?
  • edit Swim Charge Fins
    edited by Jamintheinfinite 4 hours ago diff

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